Leroy Aliz

I do not know how much of an influence Coach Alitz had on my character. I am not so sure I would have graduated if it were not for Army Wrestling and Coach Alitz. I remember how I felt when he smiled at one of my comments or at something I did. I know how I felt when the night before the match he told me we had to have my win and I failed losing on points. (Army 14 — Lehigh 19). I know how I felt when he put an arm around me as I walked off the mat after bridging for 9 minutes in a loss to an All American. I know how I felt when he put an arm around me and said thanks for my contribution to a win over Navy. (Army 15 — Navy 14) I know that — when after he had repeatedly given me a fresh man every 3 minutes, yelled at me “Hold your head up” as I sucked in huge gulps of fowl air steaming from under my rubber jacket and then as I sat dejected against the wall, came over sat down next to me, put and arm around me, asked me about academics, — he made me just want to give more. Each morning I go to the Y for my routine — I think of him.

Rather than try to put into words what someone meant to you, it is easier to copy another’s. I know that one of my Team Mates, a 2 time National Champion agrees with every word below.

This is Mike Krzyzewski comment when informed of Bob Knight‘s retirement from Coaching.

“Outside of my immediate family, no single person has had a greater impact on my life than Coach Knight. I have the ultimate respect for him as a coach and a mentor, but even more so as a dear friend. For more than 40 years, the life lessons I have learned from Coach are immeasurable. Simply put, I love him.”



Alitz Scholarship http://www.aogusma.org/wpf/gift-report2005/reportdocs/wp-prep.htm

1980 http://www.nycollegewrestling.com/HOF.asp

Tying up with the Tutors
From http://revwrestling.com/articles/2917/Rev-Rewind-1947-Cornell-College

At the end of the 1946-47 dual-meet season, tiny Cornell College had racked up an incredible 12-0-1 record. The one blemish on an otherwise perfect season: a 12-12 dual with Iowa State Teachers College Panthers — also known as the Tutors — in late January at the Men’s Gym at Cedar Falls. “It was as fine a dual meet as you’d ever want to see,” coach Scott told Mike Chapman for the 1997 Cornell Report. “Two great teams giving it all they had.”

Together, the two teams had among the very best collegiate wrestlers of the era — a wealth of defending and future NCAA champs, as well as two Tutors who would go on to compete one year later at the 1948 Olympics in London: Bill Nelson, and Gerry Leeman (who earned a silver medal in freestyle).

Paul Scott’s son R.K. recalls overhearing his dad’s instructions to his men before the dual: “Don’t get pinned or I’ll kill you!”

“The meet opened up with a battle of two Waterloo West alums — (Dick) Hauser and (James) Stoyanhoff, with Hauser winning 4-0,” according to Arno Niemand. “Then, the tide shifted with (Gerry) Leeman beating (Leo) Thomsen 10-2. Next, Lowell Lange — arguably the greatest control wrestler — shut out Russ Bush, a 1946 NCAA finalist, 3-0 The momentum stayed with Cornell as Snook beat Neil Johnson 6-0.”

Bill Koll, defending NCAA champ at 145 pounds, moved up one weight class to 155. Niemand says, “When Scott sent out (Wallace) Littell, he said, ‘Don’t try to stand up on him, and don’t get pinned.’ Littell got slammed to the mat by Koll, and was knocked out for a time, but he was revived, and managed not to get pinned.” Koll got the 8-1 victory, and started a bit of a streak for the hometown heroes, with Bill Nelson getting a 7-2 decision over Al Partin at 165, and ISTC’s 175-pounder LeRoy Alitz defeating Charlie Voyce 10-4. In the last match of the evening, Cornell’s Fred Dexter — normally the Purple’s man at 165 — moved up to heavyweight, where he held Jim Jenson scoreless 4-0. Final score: 12-12. Perhaps an indicator of just how evenly matched these two teams were, none of the matches ended in a pin!

1947 NCAA Heavyweight — Al Partin — was unseeded. Freshman Dick Hutton of Oklahoma State was the top seed, with Nebraska’s Mike DiBiase seeded second. Partin lost his first match to Purdue’s third-seeded Ray Gunkel, 7-2. In the conseys, Partin fell to Iowa State Teachers College’s LeRoy Alitz 8-4, failing to place. In the finals, Hutton got a 5-3 overtime victory over Gunkel.

Taken From http://www.mcpress.com/articles/2006/07/13/news/news07.txt

Mike Wiley, class of 1956, has devoted himself to teaching and coaching young people. He said Osage has a great school system and he is very thankful for many things, especially his hero, Coach Leroy Alitz. “He touched so many people. He is very precious,” Wiley said. “He took a chubby little boy and made him into a half-way decent catcher.” He feels Alitz was a legend and would like to see him honored in the hallways of Osage High School.

Taken from http://www.library.uni.edu/speccoll/homecominghist

There were several noteworthy hightlights to the twenty-seventh Homecoming, in 1948. Members of the 1898 Iowa State Normal School football team that had defeated the University of Iowa were introduced at the game. Also, Olympic wrestlers and Teachers College alumni Bill Koll, Gerald Leeman, and Leroy Alitz were honored. And, instead of a play or a variety show, the Robert Shaw Chorale performed on campus on Saturday night. This was probably the first instance in which performers from outside campus provided Homecoming entertainment

WWII Veterans http://www.masoncity.net/departments/Parks/pages/III%20Directory.pdf

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