Criteria Considerations

In the process of trying to assist in development of Criteria for Team selections for the Amy Sports Hall of Fame we are contacting Universities and Colleges throughout the Nation.

There is one issue that motivates the effort to recognize Teams – that being The Army Sports Hall of Fame exists for today’s and tomorrow’s Cadet Corps – not we Graduates.

Universities confirm that recognition of Teams is an Administrative effort. Academy Graduates recognize MacArthur’s overcoming 42 Tides at Incheon as difficult.

1. It appears that the 150/Lightweight/Sprint Annual Reunions has been very successful – at least as far as Graduates are concerned. If the Coaching Staff feels the intermingling of Graduates and Players is helpful for the Team, then perhaps Team Selections for the Army Sports Hall of Fame recognition could occur during the season of each Sport rather than on a specific weekend in the Fall when Individuals are inducted. Such a process would allow inductees to meet with current Team Athletes.

2. Although West Point will probably never have another National Champion in any Sport, Criteria could be established such that Teams from the first 60 years are considered separately from Teams of the last 60 years. Even this breakdown might be too large a grouping requiring a more selected division. Teams which no longer have living Graduates could be inducted in the Fall along with individual Honorees.

Note although few Colleges and Universities have the number of outstanding Teams included in West Point’s Sports Lore – Greatness should not prevent recognition.

3. Wyoming – Kevin McKinney 307 766 2444

National or Conference Champion or a Bowl attendee are automatically eligible, while any team that has brought credit to the University is considered. Team members attend, including coaches, trainers and managers. There is an Award Dinner in the Fall, each Honoree receives a plaque, and the entire team is Honored at Ã∞â√ıââ≈√ Ã∞/Ã≠  time of a Football Game in the Fall.

It is an administrative undertaking to honor a football Team – but well worth the effort. The program requires absolute support by the University for success. Mr. Kinney was interested in comment about honor teams during their respective seasons when the success of the West Point annual 150/Sprint/Lightweight Reunion was mentioned.

4. Oregon – Charles Warren 541 344 0922

National Champions and teams which have accomplished success in difficult circumstances are considered. (There is an example below)
Mr. Warren was very explicit – – The University must place a very very high importance in supporting athletics and must place a very very high commitment to Honoring Athletes and especially Teams for the Hall of Fame to succeed.

Oregon’s 1974-75 Men’s Basketball Team – Kamikaze Kids

They drove onto the floor and into the stands. They played tenacious defense and played before a continual string of sellout crowds in McArthur Court. The collection of some of the most well-known names on Oregon basketball history, they were known as the Kamikaze Kids. Accumulating a 21-9 record and a third-place finish in the 1974 National Invitation Tournament (NIT), two of the standouts both earned first-team All-America honors and became first-round selections in the NBA draft. Several others have made their marks in the collegiate and professional coaching ranks, patterning themselves after their college mentor Dick Harter. Included among the team members were Greg Ballard, Daryl Banks, Mike Barwig, Bruce Coldren, Mike Drummond, Burt Frederickson, Greg Graham, Stu Jackson, Ernie Kent, Ron Lee, Geoff Nelson, Ken Stringer, Gerald Willett; team managers Bob Gooze and Jim Kress; as well as assistant coaches Ron Billingslea, Jim Haney, Dick Stewart, Frank DeWitt and Paul Halupa.

Note the Criteria for Oregon’s Hall of Fame process and Team selection is available.

5. One Criteria at the Univ of Arizona is an automatic induction of any full varsity level team has won a NCAA/AIAW National Championship. We strongly recommend against such a Criteria as recognition of each team’s accomplishment even from many years past is believed to beneficial to the Corps of Cadets. We will contact Arizona to sort out the details.

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