Those Who Contributed

Please Note – This list is very incomplete. A request has been made to the Thayer to provide an up dated listing. A Framed listing of those who donated will be placed inside the 1953 Team Room.

Class of 1954

Class of 1955

Joe Franklin (P)

Class of 1956

Ralph Chesnauskas (P)

Bob Farris (P)

Ken Lang

Russell Mericle (P)

Class of 1957

Robert P. Christiansen

Len Wishart

Class of 1962

Dennis Benchoff

Bob Brogi

Phil Burns

Glen Blumhardt

John Easterbrook

Jim Ellis

Marlene Garvey for Dick

Jim Kays

Al Rushatz

John Wagner

The (P) Indicates They Played On The ’53 Team

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