It is the intent that the site include all the data for all the Classes 1890 to present. In time when you click on Football you will see the Rock, Gen Marshall’s comment about Army Football Players and finally the words – RESERVED FOR THE TEAM THAT BEATS NAVY.

The data base will be so extensive that when an Army Lineman wants to see how well he stacks up, he will be able to evaluate himself against Barry, Dale, Bill, Paul, and — Bobby and Captain of the Team Mike (both Killed in Action),the Linemen of the Can Do Class.

Our memories fail us at times. If anything is in question, 2 sources are required to verify the data or claim. A story from Cadet days – As Joe Steffy took his stance, he said to his Navy opponent, “On the next play Doc Blanchard is coming through this hole, I do not know what you are going to do, but I am getting out of the way.” When Joe was asked for the exact quote he made to his Navy opponent, He laughter and said “It is not true, an after dinner speaker made it up”. Gone was a a great piece of Army Lore.

Col Blaik — Army’s great Football Coach.

Bob Anderson halfback (#21) Class of 1960 has a 450 page scrapbook devoted to Col Blaik which was put together by a Mr. Bill Geer of Florida. The book contains some excellent material, program covers through the years, newspaper articles, etc. Everyone who has seen the book would like to have a copy. Bob is attempting to find an outfit who can reproduce the book economically. Mr. Geer graciously sent a box that contains his originals and has given his permission to Bob have it reproduced.

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