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1812-us-flag copy
I do not include the Flag carried by Americans in the Revolution 220px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg
as it might offend some. So I use the Flag carried in the War of 1812.
I do  include the number of Americans Killed in Combat during the Revolution.
I do not include the number of Americans of the Confederacy who were killed in Combat.  591,917 Americans were killed serving under the 27 different America Flags.  They served  in 79 Wars and minor engagements.  Nearly 3 million died from disease, accidents, are missing or were wounded.  

The Cheering heard on Sundays pales in comparison to the Cheers when this
Flag was raised.  If we are to compare what members of our Military have given,
Iwo Jima.jpgverses what a NFL Player gives, the players fall far short .   This man is worn out, but shortly he will have to get up and return to the line.  Members of his Team will not be Scan copy
back next year after a season ending injury.  They will remain on Iwo when he must move to the next fight.

Coach – I have been an NFL fan since Chuckin Charlie Conerly
tossed the ball for the New York Giants.  The first game that I attended was in Baltimore, watching Unitas toss to Raymond Berry.

When the Panther PSLs went on sale, I dropped my request for 4 in the special mail box in Charlotte.  Since the Panthers played in Charlotte, up until the Philadelphia game in 2017, I missed 5 Preseason, and 3 Games.  I never sold a ticket when times were bad, always looking for a kid to give my extras to.  I attended the 2004 Superior Bowl in Houston.

The tickets for last games of the 2017 season were gifted to Military personnel.  I assumed that the 2018 season would be different.  I was wrong. The complete lack of respect for America’s war dead ended my love of the NFL.

Coach – I lost Friends, Classmates, Teammates, and Men who did what I needed.  I can not and will not turn my back on them.  In all that has happened, I only saw one player who made a statement for the lives which have been given for our country.  He was a Naval Academy Graduate playing for the Steelers.

I sold my tickets in 2018 and attempted to sell my PSLs.  The Panthers valued my seats at $3,000 each.  I finally was able to get rid of them at $500 each.  I will never attend another Game.  I do have one regret that I will not witness the induction of former Panthers.

The Best to you Coach

Phil Burns