imagelacrosscrossed-hockey-sticks-1usma-shoulder-patch.jpeg   Hockey Rec Room by Dave Harkins
Contributed to the Daktronics Scoreboard<img <img <img

Dave & Sheryll Harkins crossed Hockey Sticks Lacross USMA Shoulder Patch
Earned 5 Army As – Playing both Hockey and Lacrosse while involved in 6 Academy Clubs. Dave began his very successful Financial Career in 1964. Cslt Burley Harkins & Funk Inc 68; Res MA Capital 76; Comm Bd Natl Dentex Corps 83; V Chmn This H Lee Partners. Dave & Sheryll funded 1 Million of the Kimsey Center; Gave $100,000 to Jack Riley Hockey Foundation (Jack Riley – Army’s Great Hockey Coach); supported the Academy Fitness Center (62’s gift to the Academy), Financed the Hockey Recreation Room in Holleder Center, and along with Brian Concannon 79′ and wife Grace gave a video board over 12-feet high by 23 feet wide hung in the South end of Tate Rink. By a Classmate

23 feet wide hung in the South end of Tate Rink .