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Kenneth E. Fields













Ray J Stecker







Stecker’s memorable run for the lone TD – Army 6 – Navy 0



compiled from Pittsburgh Press, Dec 13, 1930 by grimmr22
















John K Waters



Howitzers and Class Albums

Note: Most available from 1900-1949;  examples of years missing ~ 1903, 1917*, 1946.

Mouse over cover image to read year and information.

Howitzers – Class Albums – Army-Navy search!clalbums!howitzers/searchterm/Howitzer/field/all/mode/all/conn/and/order/title/ad/asc

Howitzers only


*November 1918 –  Yearbook of the United States Corps of Cadets. This class entered the United States Military Academy June 15, 1916 and on November 1, 1918, completed the course then prescribed which was known as the War Emergency Course. –

There are two 1921’s –

1921 –

1921(1918) – Yearbook of the United States Corps of Cadets. War time class; entered in 1917, graduated 1 Nov. 1918, recalled 3 December 1918, graduated 11 June 1919. –
There are two 1943-1 –  for the class graduating in January – these are duplicate yearbooks; but where is 1943-2 for class graduation in June?

Who has made the decision not to add classes after 1949?….. 60+ years of classes not available!

Dennis Trujillo – Curt Alitz


Robert Johnson

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1930s Sports

Some photos from the 1930s.

1935a-n-pre2 1938a-n-game2 1936a-n-pre5 1935afb-preseason 1933a-npre-cap 1931a-ndgame3

Football newspaper clippings

Mostly Football

62 Donors



Go to
ForWhatThey Gave.Com

Go to the search button on the left and type in
62 Donors


1.  I know this is messy – I am addressing issues as I work out the

2.  The below listing of Class accomplishments will hang in The Thayer Hotel’s Room 405 Honoring the 1953 Football Team.  I want visitors to know what ’62 did. What we did for our Country.  The Room is fully paid for, but you must send me a dollar (or something) if you wish to be included in the listing.  It is a listing  of ’62 Donors.

3.  The Core Contributors paid a great deal more than a Dollar.

4.  If you do not wish to be listed please tell me. Even if you do not wish to be listed, Please consider writing one for a Roommate, Teammate or someone you really respect.

5.  As for length – Denny Reimer wanted to reduce his listing as it was too long.  I said no because I wanted “These are my Credentials” Please hold your write up to less than Denny’s write up.  I know I need to reduce some of what I  have written.

3.  The names I am adding requires me to use our Howitzer, 2010 Register of Graduates, and ’62 Contacts (for Wife names).   I tried indicating Classmates or Wives lost by Bold or Italic, but it does not work.  You will see how some losses are listed.

4.  Send your listing and unit of Crest you wish, to

Follow up with a dollar to
Phil Burns
608 Portside Dr
Davidson, NC 28036

One unresolved problem is if we have lost a Classmate and the wife has a double name, I list Classmates full name & Wife with a double name.

5.  Crests will also line the left border while the same or a second unit crest needs to go next to your name.  You may send as many Crests as you desire – you must indicate which one you want next to your name.  Look at Frank Reasoner’s listing.  The Purple Heart is for Killed in Action, the Medal of Honor is next, with Marine Corps and 1st Divison

6.  At the bottom -you can see how I handled the ’54 – ’57 and how I handled material under our Crest.  We are only allowed 7 (maybe 9) hangings in the Room.  I will go and select which hangings to be removed, even if it takes 2 hangings for ’62. I want to tell what we did.


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James Andrew Shannon

No. 4158. Class of 1903. Dennis Nolan said of him “I conversed with him shortly after he was wounded and gave him the information that his regiment had just completed taking its assigned objective, Hill 244, (Chatel Chehery) in a splendid attack. Though mortally wounded, he had me tell him the details of the attack that had occurred after he was wounded, and he interrupted me frequently to say,
‘That’s fine; that’s fine,’ speaking of the conduct of his officers and men which I was describing to him.” October 8, 1918. Aged 39 years. Distinguished Service Cross. French Croix de Guerre.

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Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

Class of 1962 – We Remember & Thanks

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1953 – 1954 United States Cadet Corps

This is the draft write up which will be posted on the Thayer web site – the next to the last listing under dedicated rooms – and appropriately, sandwiched between Jim Kimsey and the ’58 Team

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Class of 2012 Receive Their Rings

The Class of 1962 proudly participated in 19-20 August 2011 affiliation festivities at West Point. In this “facet” of the 50 year Affiliation Program you were represented by Chairman and Ring Donor Dave McLaughlin and his bag handlers Bill Dieal and Bill Kosco. Making a cameo appearance after the Trophy Point Ring Ceremony at an open bar reception in Ike Hall was Gus Fishburne. Helping us all along the way was Nadia King ’91, the AOG Director of Class Support.

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The ’53 Nomination Pages 2 – ??

Please go to the 13 page Nomination at

wp53 hold

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Why the Class of 2012 Should Not Become Involved

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1961 Class Gift

Please go to


A Narrative History of the West Point Class of 1962 (1858 to 1865)

by Brian McEnany to be Published in 2009

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Hockey Recreation Room

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Black ’57

Broke Ranks at Graduation

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62 Room

Can Do Class Gift

The need for a Cadet Fitness Facility was identified in the early 1980s by Al Rushatz, 62’s All American in both Football & Wrestling. The concept was immediately accepted by the Class and a core group strove toward completion with dedication at our 30th reunion in 1992.

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