Rules, Regulations, Requirements, and Expectations

  1. Material must be acceptable for our Great Granddaughters, Granddaughters & Daughters. Our wives have grown accustomed to us.
  2. Information must relate to Academy Athletes, Coaches and Teams. Athletic Competition after Graduation can be included. Service at the Academy after graduation may be included especially if the Officer assisted with one of the Teams. Careers after Graduation are not for this site.
  3. Material, especially photos should be copied to disk in Tiff format. This allows focusing in on individuals while retaining clarity. Prior to transfer to the site, the photo must be converted to JPEG.
  4. Written material should be in Plain Text when transferred to the site. This allows consistency within the site.
  5. Class Scribes or representatives designed by each Class are responsible for the input by each member of the Class. Individuals may input data relating to other Classes, but his or her own Class Scribe is responsible of insuring proper input.
  6. Class Scribes or designees will designate and authorize access to any Class member who is interested in working on the site.
  7. News articles or any other material which has Copyright protection must be properly credited.
  8. Each Class is responsible for the material relating to their Class. The Academy Library has photographs, news articles, Pointer & Pointer View articles and programs. There is additional material located in the Athletic Department.
  9. The material must be verified. There was a story from Cadet days. “As Joe Steffy came up to the line and took his stance, he looked across at his Navy Opponent and said “On the next play Doc Blanchard is coming through this hole and I don’t know about you, but I am getting out of the way”” Joe was called to get the exact quote — It never happened. It was made up by an after dinner speaker. A great story — just not true. All material must be confirmed.
  10. Photographs & stories for the center section will be selected by a multi Class Committee. Material for insertion into Army Greats will be verified and then inserted by the Class Scribe or specifically designated Representative.



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