What ’62 Gave

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Steven D. Pierce 
We Lost him 3 Feb 1962.  He never had the opportunity to give back to America.  A Star Man, he could have added so much to our Class Lore.
In that moment a part of each man changed — each man became a little of Steve Pierce in his heart.  Tom Johnson ’65

1962 Status in 2002

Forty years ago, the West Point graduating Class of 1962, just over 600 strong, accepted their commissions into the armed forces of the United States and swore to support and defend the Constitution of our great nation.
Here is an attempt to assess the contributions of a single West Point class to the nation.

Project Managers

Cliff McKeithan

Larry Mengel

George (Tank) & Dana Telenko


8th Div Inf copy 3.jpg
M1 Abrams

Scrum Lock 1st West Point Rugby Team – In first Advisor Group to Vietnam 1964; Aide to CG 1st Armored Division; Regt S2/1st Sqdn; XO 11th ACR Vietnam 1969; Activated Lima Tank Plant and built first year production of M1 Abrams Tanks; Bn Cmdr 5/68 Armor , 8th Divison.

Dick Wylie designed Eisenhower Hall and Stoney Lonesome.

General Officers

Regular ArmyArmy ReserveNational Guard
Dave Armstrong
Gary Brown
PY Browning
Thomas Buck
Nick Hurst
Jim Kays
Thomas Kilmartin
Thomas Moore
 Carl Morin
Howie Prince
Don Woodman
Walt Bryde
Richard Chegar
Fred Gorden
Larry Gunderman
Frank Horton
John Landry
 Joe Rigby
Steve Arnold
Denny Benchoff
Chuck Dominy
Jim Ellis
Bob Ord
Ted Stroup
Wayne Downing
Dennis Reimer
BG Bob Ricks

I have 2 posts for Denny – I need the other one. It has a few more Photos.

Dave Armstrong

BG.pngGary Brown
BG.pngGary & Barbara Brown


His best ever was 12’6″.  Against Navy, in the Field House, Navy easily vaulted 14’11/4“.  Gary paused then raced down the runway, flew over the cross bar at 14’11/4“.  Gen. Westmoreland was to say “Brown rose both figuratively and literally to win”

BG.pngPhilip Browning

 BG.pngPhilip & Mary Ann Browning 800px-12_Cav_Rgt_DUI.png   220px-75th_Ranger_Regiment_Distinctive_Unit_Insignia.svg copy.png
Co CO 2d of the 12th Cav, 75th Ranger, ADC 71D,

BG.pngThomas Buck

BG.pngNicholas Hurst

BG.pngJim Kays

BG.pngThomas Kilmartin

BG.pngThomas Moore

BG.png Carl Morin by Evelyn    150px-212_FA_Bde_DUI copy
Carl led his High School Team in stopping Bob Anderson ’61 in his tracks.  A loving, caring Father and Husband and a Solider who was a credit to West Point.  Co 212th F Arty, OSD.

BG.pngHoward Prince

Donald Woodman

Walter Bryde

Richard Chegar

majgen copy 2.jpg Fred & Marcia Gorden  25th Inf.jpeg  USMA Shoulder Patch 
Battery, Battalion, and DivArty Commander; ADC 7th Division(IDL), 61st Commandant of Cadets(first African American), CG 25th Division(IDL), CG, Military District of Washington, his boots were always dusty & dirty. His service was with soldiers.

George Gunderman

220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg majgen.gif  Frank & Patricia Horton200px-SAC_Shield.svg
Third in the Class, Frank wore Stars on his collar for 3 years.  He participated in 11 different social and athletic activities as a Cadet.  First assignment was 544 Aero Sp Recn Wg; then Harvard PhD in 69; USAF Academy 70; 7th AF RVN 70-71; USAFA again 71-73; ODCSP&O; 351st SMWg; 44MSWg: Cdr 44MSWg, HqSAC 84-85; DDr JSTPS: CIA86-87; DDir DIA 87-90; DCS Intel SAC; Ret ’93 MG General.  (Jerry Garwick spoke to USAF officers who served with MG Horton. They said he was the most focused person they ever knew. Just like Cadet Horton)  By Bill Kosco

John Landry

 Joe Rigby

Steve Arnold

Den Benchoff

LTG.png Denny & Barbara Benchoff 
Sunday School Teacher, Coach Alitz taught him how to earn 3 Wrestling Army A’s; 508th PIR, 101st Airborne RVN, USMA Math, ODCSO, CO 707 Mnt Bn, DISCOM, CO Red R Dep Tx, CG 509th Ord Bde, CG DESCOM, CG AMCCOM, DCG Log Ops

Chuck & Mary Dominy

Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis & Carol Ellis
Cadet Brigade Commander, Star Man, Lacrosse, Responsible for the recording of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur‘s Duty Honor Country Farewell Address to the Cadet Corps – on 12 May 1962.  Commanded 3d Army, “Patton’s Own”  The team is more important than any individual. While individuals may perform outstandingly (we have awards); it is the success of the team that determines the outcome of the battle and the war. As General Patton said, “The Army moves as a team, eats as a team, and fights as a team.”

LTG.png  Bob Ord

Bob & Gail Ord   120px-35th_Infantry_Regiment_DUI.jpg P116.jpg  100px-7th_Infantry_Division_SSI_(1973-2015).svg.png

25th Inf.jpeg
Football, Wrestling, Honor Committee. CoCO 35th Inf, 25th Div RVN, MACV, MILPERCEN, CO 1st Bde 7th Div, ODCSPER, CS CFA Korea, ADC 7th Div, CG PERSCOM, CG 25th Inf Div, CG USARPAC, Dean School of Intl Grad Studies

Ted Stroup
Ted & Harriet Stroup 

Unknown-2 p1163.jpgUSMA Shoulder Patch
Swimming, along with 7 additional Clubs to include Senior Editor of the Howitzer
Masters @ Texas A & M, HEADSUPACTVN, MACV/USARV, US ??

Wayne Downing
Wayne & Kathy Downing
“I want you to think like a bank robber”  “Rangers Lead the Way”   “Sua Sponte” Commanded the 26,000 Joint Special Operations Command, an Elite Organization of Delta Force, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces, that for years the Pentagon refused to acknowledge its existence. His vision established the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, while the General Wayne A Downing Scholarship program offers Army Officers a fully funded graduate education at universities around the world. He was my friend — by  Jim Kimsey

8th Div Inf copy 3.jpg

Dennis Reimer
Dennis & Mary Jo Reimer

Chief of Staff
Founding Member of Army Rugby.    As 33d Army Chief of Staff, used “Soldiers are our Credentials” to insure the Army would not forget Soldiers remained our core competency.     1945 – – The 8th Division ADC in accepting the surrender of a German Unit, when asked by the German Commander to show his credentials, he pointed to two riflemen behind him and responded – “These are my Credentials”.


Can DoWinter Track and Field Men
Class of 1962 – Can DoRon Zinn
Army/Navy 1961-1962 Winter Sports

Team Captain

Can Do

150 Ron Brown
Jim Kays told me “I Love Ron Brown” If you depend on someone to get 1 yard or 9 yards when you need it, and protects you from Vicious Linebackers, there is no other way to say it. Phil

Track Gary Brown

Football Mike Casp

Soccer Art Brown

Lacrosse Butch Darrell

Basketball Stu Sherard

Baseball Al Dejardin

Wrestling Al Rushatz

Hockey Paul Dobbins

Cross Country John Jones

Gymnastics Phil Costain

Swimming Barry Thomas

Rifle Ed Brown

Tennis Pete Peterson

Golf Rep Dick Sklar

Squash Rep Jim McQuillen

Pistol Swick

Glen & Ann Blumhardt       Football, 2 Army “A”s, Stars. 1st Regimental Comd, Vice President; 325th Airborne Inf, USMA, MACV, 101st Airborne, CO 1/30th Inf, ODCSO USAREUR, ODCSOPS, G3 XVIII Corps. When he and George closed on Mike Ditka, they stopped him in his tracts. As Mike jogged back to the Pittsburg huddle, George and Al helped him to his feet. Spitting out most of 5 teeth, all he could say was “Well at least we stopped him”. Defensive Back of the Week. Believed using a pencil with eraser to do Crosswords was cheating. Pen only. (Al Rushatz flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led a small group out)

Barry & Nancy Butzer  
To get through the line I depended especially on three teammates and Classmates, Mike Casp (our team captain) – at Right Guard, Bill Whitehead – at Center, and Barry Butzer – at Left Guard. They were great Army football players. We lost Mike and Bill in Vietnam. Barry was Killed in a auto accident several years ago – – by Al Rushatz

Tom & DJ Culver  
Caught 10 passes against Michigan, as a defensive back out played many receivers, either intercepting or having the opponent called for offense interference.  Tom had said “I have the goal of becoming a hard-nosed football player”  He certainly was. When Glen Blumhardt went out spitting teeth, Coach Dale Hall asked Tom if he could block Mike Ditka – Tom said “Yes”? On the first play Tom was responsible for blocking Mike. When Tom returned to the huddle, he said “Well I blocked him but I can’t see”. Tom’s nose was sticking out the ear hole of the helmet.

Charles & Bettina Darrell    
Fritz Stude saw a couple of hoodlums with BB guns – started a Team. West Point got Butch’s Lacrosse stick that Navy learned to fear 10 years later.

Robert & Nancy DeVries      
Army Football Player  Inspired by John Taylor, coached by Rick with the nucleus of Tank, Russ, Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Dennis, Wayne & Mike, ’62 gave West Point Rugby, a team that has dominated the sport since its inception.

Russell & Marcia De Vries 

Paul & Beverly Dobbins

medal-of-honor copy 2.jpg   Purple_Heart_Medal.png 7/12/1965  Marine emblem copy Frank Reasoner & Sally NordstromFirst Marine.jpeg
3d Recon Bn, 3d Mar Div Frank once told me that he wanted 3 things – 30 Years in the Marine Corps, own a bar outside the Main Gate of a Marine Base and Earn the Medal of Honor. Frank was Killed in Action 12 July 1965. He was Awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions – – by a Wrestling Teammate

Buzz & Jeannine Kriesel  
Against Wisconsin he was head butted.  The Ref asked if he was OK, Buzz told Coach to fix him. Coach Alitz stuffed his nose with tissue, waved his ever ready ammonia capsule, and Buzz stepped back on the mat.  When Buzz grabbed his opponent, lifted him high in the air, the Ref said let him down gently.  Buzz did and pinned him, providing 5 points of the 23 and 8 win.  On Christmas leave, on an unheated Air Force transport, Frank Reasoner’s feet were frozen, Buzz unzipped his dress jacket, and had Frank push his feet against Buzzy’s chest. Oh lastly, Jeannine was in the stands at Wisconsin, Buzz might have executed as he did for her benefit.  (Write up by a Team Mate) 

Al & Lynda Rushatz145PATCH.JPGUnknown.pngUSMA Shoulder Patch copy.jpg
6 Army A’s  An All American in Football & Wrestling.  Inspirational Guide in Creating the 62′ Room in Arvin Gym. 145th Avn Bn RVN, Def Rep India, 8th Cav RVN, Co 269 Avn Bn, G3 XVIII Abn Cps. DPE USMA.  (Flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen Blumhardt when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led a small group out)

Bob Loupe’s Basket against Navy “Who can forget Bob Loupe and his winning basket against ‘the swabbies’ in the field house that cold Saturday afternoon in 1962 – I still see it crystal clear. Al DeJardin and me sitting on the bench, fouled out. And Loupe, eyes as wide as silver dollars, not even sure where he was, dribbling the length of the court and scoring the winning basket with just a few seconds remaining. Against Navy! Unforgettable. He got a Major A for that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told that story to complete strangers. I tell it every time the subject of basketball comes up in any context, and it gets better with each telling. You may know, Bob’s buried in a little country cemetery in Savanah, MO about 20 miles from Leavenworth, KS where my son lives. Carolie and I have visited with Bob in that cemetery and we’ve talked to him about beating Navy and other memories. He’s never forgotten that singular event and neither have I.” By Stu Sherard 
Jim Kays

George & Karen Kirschenbauer  
“Kirschenbauer, Kirschenbauer, I saw George Kirschenbauer hit a home run over the roof of Cullum Hall!.” Comment by son of Mr. Link (PE Dept.) when George’s name was mentioned, Spring of 2006, at Coach Alitz’s funeral.


 8/12/1965  Bob Fuellhart 

Army’s Lonely End in 1960 and 1961 upon the Graduation of Bill Carpenter. In ’61 he was banged up with injuries but was still a hard nosed defensive back. Killed in Action 12 August 1965 the same day his Daughter was born.

Wayne Parker & Tatjana Parker  Need a Crest
Inspired by John Taylor, coached by Rick with the nucleus of Tank, Russ, Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Dennis, Wayne & Mike, ’62 gave West Point Rugby, a team that has dominated the sport since its inception.

John Taylor
Inspired by John coached by Rick with the nucleus of Tank, Russ,
Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Dennis, Wayne and Mike, ’62 gave West Point Rugby, a team that has dominated the sport since its inception. Both Women’s and Men’s Rugby are now a Corps Squad.

  1. Doug Blubaugh’s Comment about Al.
  2. Art Brown’s 7 or 8 stories about Army Soccer.
  3. Listing each of the General Officers of the Class to include the Reserve and National Guard.
  4. Marty Bilafer’s Comment about Mack Howard’s Greatest shot
    Marty had ever seen.
  5. Dale Kuhn’s comment to Roger Staubach.


Jerry & Frances Garwick
Thoughts upon Roy Cole’s passing
During the summer of 1965 Roy was serving in IV Corps with MACV, and I was with the Marine’s ANGLICO at our Can Tho Headquarters. Bob Fuellhart was among our classmates in the area. Bob was with an ARVN Ranger battalion. Over evening beers Bob would often regale us with stories of his “Tiger” unit’s audacity and bravery in action. One the morning of 12 August, 1965 I was serving my round of duty in the MACV TOC. Bob’s unit was in action and we heard a radio transmission that there were wounded. It was not to long after that when we received word that Bob had been killed during that action. It was only then when an RTO quietly brought a telegram over to my desk. It was a congratulation message from Bob’s (now widow), that she had just given birth to their first child. Roy and I assisted in carrying Bob’s coffin onto an airplane.
Less than a week later I was deployed on a temporary mission and rooming with our classmate, Chuck Chandler. Another West Pointer, Ned Loscuito, Class of 1960, was also assigned to this small outpost. Ned had been a member of our Beast Barracks cadre during 1958. During a sweep of a neighboring area on 20 August, Ned was also killed. I was in a funk trying just how any of this made sense. Here we were, supposedly the best and brightest, trained in all aspects of war, and some kid with a WW II bolt action rifle should be so effective against us. Shortly after that I also found out that I could not out run a VC machine gun. I had a lot of growing to do.
The somewhat irony of life was Chuck was an Olmstead Scholar in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when his life was cut short by an assassin’s bullet.

Purple_Heart_Medal.png  1/17/1965 Thurston A.  (Turk) Griffith
Starting guard and key contributor on Army’s 150-pound 1961 football team. KIA Vietnam 1/17/65.  Turk and  I were in the basic officer’s course together at Fort Gordon, GA. Turk (and others) played on a touch football team. The team was stacked with former college players and had its way with the other teams in the league.Turk played on the inside of the offensive line and had a much larger varsity college player on his outside. The other teams would frequently complain that Turk was not abiding by the rules and I can vividly remember the referee getting right up on the line to try to catch Turk doing something illegal.Now I am sure Turk would never do anything outside the rules, but since the referee was shielded from seeing everything by the player to Turk’s outside, Turk was never called for an infraction.Griffith Hall at Fort Gordon is, of course, named for Turk. It is a BOQ or VOQ and, I am told, has recently been renovated – – by John Easterbrook

8/2/1966 James & Lucy McDonough

2/14/1966 William Hoos & Barbara Calabrese 

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 11/2/1968 Robert Hufschmied & Suzy Weisman  Unknown-1
Killed in Action Republic of Vietnam 2 November 1968

Marine emblem.jpg

6/29/1965 Douglas Wauchope   A-6.jpeg Need write up & crest
3d Marine Expeditionary Force


 6/30/1968 William C. & Mary Ann Whitehead  Need a Crest
To get through the line I depended especially on three teammates and Classmates, Mike Casp (our team captain) – at Right Guard, Bill Whitehead – at Center, and Barry Butzer – at Left Guard. They were great Army football players. Bill  and Mike were Killed in  Vietnam.  Barry was killed in a car accident.    – – Al Rushatz

Additional things to add

President Kennedy Graduation Address to the Class of 1962

Duty, Honor, Country. General Douglas MacArthur Thayer Award Acceptance Address

Bob & Kathy Douglas – Need 1 dollar Crest & data
An attempt to improve on his first couple of days as a Cadet – Bob reported in as a new Cadet several years after Graduation.  He upset the Beast Cadre,   HE REALY, REALY UPSET THE CADRE

John & Barbara Fagan
First in the Class of 1962. First to shake President Kennedy’s hand. Hope John was a Democrat for those few seconds.

David & Barbara McLaughlin   
As Plebes Dave asked Lee Taylor “Will you teach me” – two years later when they placed winning certificates on General Stillwell’s desk, he said “Do not do that again”.  They did it again and General Stilwell approved Judo as an Academy Club.

Harry Hagerty                       
“You Man Halt”   Twice he heard it, Harry halted for one ran at the other – he had well over 200 hours on “The Area”  No one ever had a better Ranger Buddy – Phil

George Handy & Marilyn Handy 
M2 Honor Rep, Soccer – A Friend who will stand with you.  George continues to be a part of teams – currently involving East Europeans and Americans in economic growth and stronger security.

George Schein
George & Diana Schein 

Dr copy.png
USMA Shoulder Patch copy.jpg

Chairman of the Cadet Honor Committee.  Doctor serving the Pittsburg community.
During June Week 1962, at the corner of Grant Hall,  John Selby and Jim Kays bumped into George Schein as George was headed out to meet his soon to be wife Diana.  George asked how I was doing, studying for an Ordnance Department Turnout.  John said something like – He is in the rack and has not been studying.  George immediately turned around running back into South Area, asking which Room?   I was in the rack when the door crashed open and I heard the leather soles hit the concrete floor as I pretended to be asleep – maybe he would go away.  Suddenly my bed was lifted and I was thrown against the wall. I got up saw who it was laughed and said “George!”.  He said get over at that desk and study.  He returned once and I was at the desk. The Turnout was easy.  To this day whenever a woman with spikes hits a concrete floor, I flinch.  
Because I was the lowest ranking member of the Honor Committee, I stayed after the meetings sweeping up the floor. (Note – there was no dust pan so I swept the dust under General Blazey’s Rug. George never asked me where I put it. Note it was my 5th Turnout and I could not believe they would do that to me.)

220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg   Michael & Judy Schredl   
Founding Member of Army Rugby; an aggressive Tiger on the playing fields, while involved in 15 different Clubs. The 24178 Undistinguished  Graduate  – 362 below the 1st man in the Class and 238 above the last man in the Class; The Army sends you to hot places in the muddle of nowhere and the Air Force sends you to cold places, in the middle of nowhere.

Duane & Janet Slater 
At Buckner I had good looking boots.  Duane asked me to shine his.  I said “Sure”.
I gave his boots back just before inspection – one shined beautifully, the second with the mud still on.

Pete Wuerpel
Pete Wuerpel 
Responsible for the recording of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur‘s Duty Honor Country Farewell Address to the Cadet Corps – on 12 May 1962.  Created the Wuerple Roll to ease our efforts during summer Class Trips.

Don Snider’s accomplishments and writings.

Bob Carrol’s Book, Larry Crane’s Book, Ty Cobb’s Book

A listing of every Classmate who returned to West Point as an assignment.

Jim Kays

Dave Phillips
Dave & Sharon Phillips None attended more Athletic events than Dave while also involved in 6 Clubs. Master of Science RPI, West Point Math 69 – 72, Dean 77-88

Reason for Bob Ricks Star

When we collected for our million plus for the ’62 Room – what % of contributions did the Class finally achieve.

Inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame.

Al Rushatz
Stu Sherard

Distinguished Graduate

Ted Stroup

Marsh Carter
Marsh & Missy Carter  First Marine.jpeg
Hockey 4 Years, 3d Generation Grad.  Two Tours in Vietnam as a Marine – received the Navy Cross.  White House Fellow, Retired Colonel USMCR, President & CEO State Street Bank & Trust, becoming Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Distinguished Graduate

Dennis Reimer

Jim Kimsey
Jim Kimsey   
Served 3 Combat Tours; Founded AOL. Donated Kimsey Athletic Center – South end of Blaik Field, Home of Army Football, major contributor to establishing The ’62 Room, our Class Fitness Center

Wayne Downing

Howie Prince

There is material at Current Listing

Note Jim Kays is mentioned twice as he is an example of the requirement to list all accomplishments