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Room 405 The Thayer

 Envisioned by Al Rushatz
                   An All American in both Football & Wrestling

Our Class Gift. The 14,900 Square Foot Fitness Center for the Corps of Cadets. 
Frank Reasoner’s Medal Of Honor Citation and Photo are on the wall.
Paul Steucker’s Painting of  General  Mac Arthur’s Address hangs in the room,
along with over 350 Can Do Class Mate signatures below the Painting.  

Frank Reasoner was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on 12 July 1965; when he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire, being mortally wounded going to the aid of a down Marine.  The US Navy Frigate USS Reasoner was named in his honor.

Ron Zinn was the first cadet to be selected to a USA Olympic team; competing in race-walking at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics.  The Academy honored Ron with a Brigade Parade. He placed 6th in the 1964 20K race. Ron was killed in Vietnam, 7 July 1965.

Officer Representative / Dave Harkins

Mack Howard, USAR LTC, Ret. received the Silver Star and Purple Heart;  was appointed for life as US District Judge for Eastern North Carolina and has served on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.  

Marsh Carter, Colonel, USMCR Ret. was severely wounded, received the Navy Cross; became CEO of State Street Bank and Trust and upon retirement became Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. 

“Establishing The Brotherhood” by Bill Kosco and Mike Schredl provides the account of the 1961- 1962 Creation of Rugby.

Jim Kimsey served three Combat Tours, co-founded AOL, served on numerous boards including The National Symphony Orchestra.  

We had 20 Classmates achieve General Officers, Rank, with another six General Officers in the Reserve and National Guard. 

“General Downing, as Commander of the 26,000 member Special Operations Command, helped create the world’s best special forces ever.  Wayne created chaos for the enemy” (By D. Reimer)  Wayne was a Presidential Advisor and was the first Distinguished Chair of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. The Wayne Downing Scholars Program offers Army officers a fully funded Graduate Education at top-tier Universities around the globe. 

We raised $100,000 among ourselves when we were least wealthy and distributed it to the widows of our fallen classmates to help with the education of their children.  

When Jim Ellis escorted General of the Army Omar Bradley (The Soldiers General) at Fort Ord in 1976, Jim asked the General for his thoughts on female cadets attending West Point.  General Bradley said, “Congress passed it, the President signed it, I support it”.  The reason for General Bradley’s three day visit at Fort Ord, was he just wanted to talk with soldiers.  

                                          Room 405 The Thayer Hotel
                    Honoring the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets and their Football Team 

Frank Reasoner, Dennis Reimer, Wayne Downing, and Jim Kimsey, have Dedicated Rooms while Ron Zinn is included in the Olympic Room

These 2 Plaques are outside the door to room 405 of the Thayer.



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1961 Winter Track & Field

1962 Winter Track & Field

1962 Track and Field

1962 Track and Field

2009 Team

This is the page for the 2009 Team.

2008 Team

This is the page for the 2008 Team

2000 – 2009

  • 2000 Team
  • 2001 Team
  • 2002 Team
  • 2003 Team
  • 2004 Team
  • 2005 Team
  • 2006 Team
  • 2007 Team
  • 2008 Team
  • 2009 Team


1962 Winter Track & Field

Gary Brown Team Captain

Ed Sprague

A Harvard pamphlet published for a duel (Harvard vs. Army) indoor meet, dated 3 Feb ’62 shows Ed holding the Academy record in the 60 yd dash at 6.2 seconds set in 1960. Almaguer, McGinnis, McAniff, and Garwick hold the indoor Mile relay record at 3:16.9 (1961)

Ed Sprague

Ted Benz and John Jones

Army Navy 1961?

61 Mile Relay Team?

Jerry Garwick and Bob Holeman with Stop Watch

Winter Track and Field Men


   1961 Winter Track & Field


1996 – 1997 Women’s Basketball

In The Air – Julie gets above her Competition for another Record breaking Jump Shot

Getting ready for the Game with Coach Pat Harris


1995 – 1996 Women’s Basketball

The 2d floor of Arvin Gym is hot as hell in July and August. It mattered little that the morning had been spent running four miles in formation or rolling around on the grass with the sweat pouring off. Each time, walking out on that old hard wood floor provided an instant rejuvenation; an escape from Beast; a brief return to normalcy. She left everything on the court during the ninety minutes they allowed her to play the game she loved. It is with that passion that she gave over the next four years. As a starter Yearling, Cow and Firstie Year, she made her jump shot known.

1994-1995 Women’s Basketball

1994-1995 Women’s Basketball


2005 – 2006 Women’s Team

Patriot League Tournament Champion

Lost to Tennesse in NCAA opening round.

The players, the four Classes represented here, played with an uncommon intensity. There was something Maggie Dixon imparted to them – some how an overriding committment to Team, of self sacrifice that was to sustain them even after her loss.

Please go to The Stones and Maggie Dixon

Front Row (Sitting Left to Right): Cara Enright, Adrienne Payne, Joanne Carelus, Jen Hansen, Erin Begonia, Margaree “Redd” King, Micky Mallette, Alex McGuire, Anna Wilson, Megan Ennenga
Second Row: Ashley Magnani, Stefanie Stone, Megan Vrabel, Natalie Schmidt, Jillian Busch, Megan Evans, Courtney Wright
Back Row: Col Donna Brazil, Mary Kurnat, Dave Magarity, Craig Madzinski, Maggie Dixon, Jen Fleming, Kelly Flahive, 2LT Rejera Arnold, Sam Smay

A 20-11 Season including winners of the Patriot League Conference Tournament. They went to 2006 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament as a 15 seed, where they lost to the University of Tennessee. It was the first March Madness Tornament appearance for any Army basketball team.

Nomination of the 2005 – 2006 Women’s Basketball Team
for the Army Sports Hall of Fame

Across America each fall, Football Coaches select one player from their team who best measures up to the criteria of the Black Lion Award as exemplified by Don Holleder:

leadership, courage, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, and – above all – an
unselfish concern for the team ahead of himself.

A number of Graduates believe the members of West Point’s 2005 – 2006 Women’s Basketball Team did in fact exemplify the self-sacrifice and unselfish concern for the team ahead of themselves.

Just as the 1974 – 1975 Oregon Men’s Basketball Team was inducted into their Hall of Fame

“They drove onto the floor and into the stands. They played tenacious defense and played before a continual string of sellout crowds in McArthur Court. The collection of some of the most well-known names on Oregon basketball history, they were known as the Kamikaze Kids, Accumulating a 21-9 record and a third-place finish in the 1974 National Invitation Tournament (NIT) —- ”

so to should West Point recognize the accomplishments of the 2005 – 2006 Women’s Basketball Team.

Twelve years from now the Corps of Cadets must know of the commitment of these Army Athletes. Coach Dixon guided this Team to a 21 – 11 record, the Patriot League Championship and a birth in the 2006 NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship. They are the only Army Team to ever participate in Basketball’s March Madness.

It does not take achieving a National Title to recognize Excellence. Request that the Army Athletic Association prepare the statistical data to support this Nomination.


Phil Burns

For Members of the Class of 1962

Can Do

2005 – 2006 Women’s Team

Womens Team

1959 – 1960 Team

1959-1960 Basketball



1961-1962 Team



Princeton down 64 – 62 1961


Manhattan down 72 – 52 1961





















1960 -1961 Team

1960 -1961 Team60 – 61 Team

1903 Basketball Team

Vinegar Joe Stilwell Founded Basketball at West Point


He Coached the Team in 1903, 1904, 1907 – 1908, 1909 – 1910, 1910 – 1911, and 1913 – 1914
In Dec. 1902, baskets were put up in the gym and a squad began to throw the ball around afternoons. Scrub games were run off at times.

The squad sifted down soon to Hackett, Dowd, Stilwell, Allin & Anderson, ’04, Merchant & Tompkins ’05, & Jones & Hetrick ’06. No ’03 man ever played that I remember. There was no manager.

When a team began to crystallize, permission was obtained to play a game. One exhibition game was played, & then a game with the Yonkers Y.M.C.A. The Army won 54-10.

Army line-up being Hackett & Merchant, forwards, Dowd, center, & Jones & Hetrick, guards. Some of the other men on the squad played in the game.

F. Hackett (Capt.), Merchant ’04 ’05
C Dowd ’04
G. Hetrick, Jones, Stilwell ’06 ’06 ’04

Mgr. Stilwell ’04
Tompkins ’05, Pratt, H.C. ’04, & Castle ’07 also on squad
5 games were played this year.















Inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame September 17, 2010