American Women Serving in Foxholes

Army Expects up to 80 Female Soldiers to Apply to Ranger School It should have been done years ago.  What makes it acceptable is the last sentence:   Similar to the current process, earning a Ranger tab will not automatically move a soldier into the 75th Ranger Regiment, the Army’s special operations unit.

This site continues its primary focus on Army Athletics as we transition to Several sections dealing with issues not specifically focused on Cadet accomplishments are being added.

1. There is a section addressing conflicting views related to women serving in front line units. The 1948 integration of the Services was directed by President Truman as Commander in Chief; and after a divisive argument within Congress, President Ford, in 1975 signed Public Law 94-106 authorizing inclusion of Women Cadets at West Point.

When Jim Ellis ’62 asked General Bradley, Class of 1915, his thoughts on Women Cadets at West Point – the General said “Congress passed it, the President signed it, I support it”. Every Serving Officer should have responded in a similar manner.

BUT —The decision to require the Service Chiefs to evaluate the role of women in front line units was made by a bureaucrat, who shortly resigned. Not a single elected official was involved. (See Women in Combat Role under Categories on the left)

U. S. Marine Corps Research Findings:

Where is the Case for Co-Ed Ground Combat?     is at

General Martin Dempsey, is ordered the standards be dropped so that women can pass the test to become Marine infantry officers. This can prove disastrous. In all 29 women failed to pass the rigorous standards required for combat officers. Only four women were able to pass the first day’s test. April 21, 2015 by Steven Ahle

See Sage Santangeo’s comments on why she failed.

She states Standards must be maintained.