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Class of 1962
Can Do

On May 12, 1962, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur told us what to expect and what he expected of us. Many of us have his DUTY, HONOR AND COUNTRY farewell address to the Cadet Corps hanging on our walls.  He spoke over 1675 words without notes. We only have a record of what was said as Jim Ellis Cadet Brigade Commander and Pete Wuerpel Brigade Adjutant, set up a recording device prior to the General’s arrival.
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                                                                We graduated 6 June 1962, the 18th Anniversary of
mac-death3-2 copy.jpg  kennedy-2.jpg
                                                                   D-Day.  President Kennedy gave us his expectations
                                                                   of us at our Graduation. We gave him our Class Ring,
now displayed in the West Point Library.

Envisioned by Al Rushatz
Our Class Gift.  The __________Square Foot Fitness Center for the Corps of Cadets
Kimsey Center crew-sailing-copy copy
             Kimsey Athletic Center                             Franklin – push Photo up so top is even
                    by Jim Kimsey                                            Frank Caufield Crew and Sailing Center
                                                                                                      Given in Honor of his Father, BG Frank Caufield
                                                                                                                              Class of 1934 by Frank Caufield Class of 1962
With in ’62, we also have a Very
Generous Classmate who has given
for our Class Gift to the Cadet Corps,                                               Founders Of Rugby
the Kimsey Center, The Team he
played on and his Coach.  At his
request his name is not listed.

In the closing days of World War II,
Brigadier General Charles Canham,
then assistant division commander
of the 8th Infantry Division, was
about to receive the surrender
of a German Unit.“I’m here to receive
your surrender,”he told the three- star
German commander, who replied
“I won’t surrender until I see your
credentials”. Canham gestured to the
Riflemen accompanying him:

 “These are my Credentials”


One of the Class of 1962 Rugers
was to become the 33d Army Chief of
Staff . He understood the profound
significance of General Canham’s response –
and the sacred and inherent obligation
officers have to the soldiers under their
command. When the 8th Divison Colors
were retired he would include as part
of his signature block –

“Soldiers are our Credentials”                                 This goes up like you had it

                                                                                 The John L. Taylor First Team Brotherhood Annual
Award recognizes the Cadet who each year
demonstrates the highest ideals and values of the
                                                                                  Army Men’s Rugby Program and USMA Cadet culture.
                                                                                       (Now Mens & Womens Rugby are NCAA Sports)
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Founders of Judo
Lee Taylor & Dave McLaughlin
As Lee and Dave  worked out, additional Cadets
joined in.  The Commandant, General Stilwell
authorized Judo as a competitive sports club in
Sept 1961.  Lee competed in 
the Easter Collegiate
Championships placing 1st Individual.  Later in
the New York Metropolitan Championships, Lee
took 1st Individual, while Dave and Lee took
1st Place Team.
West Point Judo were National Champions in 2011.

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General Downing, the original Commanding General of the 26,000 Special Operations Command was appointed as the first Distinguished Chair of the CombatingTerrorism Center at West Point.

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