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The Class of 1962

“Can Do”


In May General MacArthur told us what to expect and what he expected of us.  Many of us have his DUTY, HONOR AND COUNTRY farewell address to the Cadet Corps hanging on our walls.

We Graduated 6 June 1962, the 18th Anniversary of D-Day. President Kennedy gave us his expectations of us at our Graduation.
We gave President Kennedy a Class Ring, which now is displayed in the West Point Library. 

Class of 1962’s Gift to the Corps of Cadets

Kimsey Athletic Center
Given by
Jim Kimsey 


Frank Caufield Crew and Sailing Center
Crew & Sailing copy

Founders of Rugby                                               Founders of Judo
John Taylor & Ric Cesped                         Lee Taylor & Dave McLaughlin

Created the Department Systems Engineering
By Jim Kays – First department Head

medal-of-honor copy 2.jpg   Medal of Honor

Purple_Heart_Medal.png The Purple Heart indicates Killed in Action – Vietnam

      Unknown-4       majgen.gif                  LTG.png          Gen copy                            Stars at a name indicates General Officer.

**  Original Core Contributors

Marine emblem.jpg  Marine Corps


220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg  Air Force

images-1.jpeg      USMA Shoulder Patch





Glen & Ann Blumhardt 325InfRegtDUI.pngUSMA Shoulder PatchUnknownimages-1.jpegUSMA Shoulder Patch30thInfRegtCOA1-usaeurJOINT STAFF   Emblem_of_the_U.S._Department_of_the_Army.svgXVIII
Football, 2 Army “A”s, Stars. 1st Regimental Comd, Vice President; 325th Airborne Inf, USMA, MACV, 101st Airborne, CO 1/30th Inf, ODCSO USAREUR, ODCSOPS, G3 XVIII Corps. When he and George closed on Mike Ditka, they stopped him in his tracts. As Mike jogged back to the Pittsburg huddle, George and Al helped him to his feet. Spitting out most of 5 teeth, all he could say was “Well at least we stopped him”. Defensive Back of the Week. Believed using a pencil with eraser to do Crosswords was cheating. Pen only. (Al Rushatz flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led his RTO out – The only Surviors)


Steven D. Pierce USMA Shoulder Patch
We Lost him 3 Feb ’62.  He never had the opportunity to give back to America.  A Star Man, he could have added so much to our Class Lore.
In that moment a part of each man changed — each man became a little of Steve Pierce in his heart.  Tom Johnson ’65

** Lois Bartelme for Mick  images-1.jpeg images.jpegUSMA Shoulder Patch
A Great Soldier. A wonderful Father and Husband.  101st Airborne, Adv Airborne Bde RVN, 1st Cav, USMA.

** LTG.png Denny & Barbara Benchoff images-1.jpeg 508.png USMA Shoulder Patch
Sunday School Teacher, Coach Alitz taught him how to earn 3 Wrestling Army A’s; 508th PIR, 101st Airborne RVN, USMA Math, ODCSO, CO 707 Mnt Bn, DISCOM, CO Red R Dep Tx, CG 509th Ord Bde, CG DESCOM, CG AMCCOM, DCG Log Ops

** Glen & Ann Blumhardt  325InfRegtDUI.png   P116.jpgimages-1.jpeg 30_INF_DUI.png XVIII.png
Football, 2 Army “A”s, Stars. 1st Regimental Comd, Vice President; 325th Airborne Inf, USMA, MACV, 101st Airborne, CO 1/30th Inf, ODCSO USAREUR, ODCSOPS, G3 XVIII Corps. When he and George closed on Mike Ditka, they stopped him in his tracts. As Mike jogged back to the Pittsburg huddle, George and Al helped him to his feet. Spitting out most of 5 teeth, all he could say was “Well at least we stopped him”. Defensive Back of the Week. Believed using a pencil with eraser to do Crosswords was cheating. Pen only. (Al Rushatz flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led a small group out)

** Phil & Molly Burns Blood & Guts 2d Armored Rifle Battalion 48th Infranty 75x82 3.png P116.jpg  82nd_Airborne_Division_CSIB.png 100px-Flag_of_Supreme_Headquarters_Allied_Powers_Europe.svg
Cut 30 to Wrestle 123, L1 Honor Rep; 2d Bn 48th Inf, 3d A Div, MACV, Charlie 5/7 1st Cav, 82d A B Div, SHAPE Hq, Web Site, Founding Member for Room 405 Honoring the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets and their Football Team.

Ralph & Noel Burr

Barry & Nancy Butzer  82nd_Airborne_Division_CSIB.png USMA Shoulder Patch
To get through the line I depended especially on three teammates and Classmates, Mike Casp (our team captain) – at Right Guard, Bill Whitehead – at Center, and Barry Butzer – at Left Guard. They were great Army football players. We lost Mike and Bill in Vietnam. Barry was Killed in a auto accident several years ago – – by Al Rushatz

Marine emblem copy  Marsh & Missy Carter  First Marine.jpeg
Hockey 4 Years, 3d Generation Grad.  Two Tours in Vietnam as a Marine – received the Navy Cross.  White House Fellow, Retired Colonel USMCR, President & CEO State Street Bank & Trust, becoming Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. Distinguished Graduate

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 11/14/1967 Mike Casp P116.jpg
To get through the line I depended especially on three teammates and Classmates, Mike Casp (our team captain) – at Right Guard, Bill Whitehead – at Center, and Barry Butzer – at Left Guard. They were great Army football players. Bill and Mike were Killed in Vietnam.  Barry was Killed in an auto accident several years ago – – Al Rushatz

Frank Caufield  USMA Shoulder Patch
Gave the Caufield Crew and Sailing Center, Honorring his Father, General Frank J. Caufield Class of 1934  Attended Harvard and began a very successful Financial Career – Oak Grove Ventures 1971 and in 1978 Kleiver, Perkins, Caufield & Byers.

Bob & Paulette Cooper  Need a Crest
His first swim was early Beast Barracks along with EK Whiting. His second swim with black paint bucket was with Bob G., Rusty and Eddie to paint ’62 on a Constitution Island rock. The rocks were gray, the 6 was perfect but as he was hanging upside down the 2 was backward. During the swim a barge passed with the wake nearly sending Bob G. to the bottom.  Coop now does Volunteer work in Sudan – Darfur, Nuba Mountains – Hand Pump Repair for clean abundant and disease free water for those who suffer genocide.

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 11/18/1967  Mike Crabtree, Wife Lynne and Daughter Chris Unknown-1.jpeg
Company Commander 4/503 Infantry, Killed in Combat 18 November 1967. Glen Blumhardt arranged for Classmates attending the Advance Coarse to fly to West Point for Mike’s Burial.  It hurt.

Charles & Bettina Darrell    Need a crest
Fritz Stude saw a couple of hoodlums with BB guns – started a Team. West Point got Butch’s Lacrosse stick that Navy learned to fear 10 years later.


Robert DeVries

Robert & Nancy DeVries      
Army Football Player  Inspired by John Taylor, coached by Rick with the nucleus of Tank, Russ, Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Dennis, Wayne & Mike, ’62 gave West Point Rugby, a team that has dominated the sport since its inception.

Gen copyWayne  & Kathy Downing sp ops

“I want you to think like a bank robber”  “Rangers Lead the Way”   “Sua Sponte” Commanded the 26,000 Joint Special Operations Command, an Elite Organization of Delta Force, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Special Forces, that for years the Pentagon refused to acknowledge its existence. His vision established the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, while the General Wayne A Downing Scholarship program offers Army Officers a fully funded graduate education at universities around the world. He was my friend — by  Jim Kimsey

** John & Hanh Easterbrook     

Grandson of  Joe Stilwell the Commanding General China Burma India Theater WW II  China_Burma_India_Seal.svg.png
I was basketball manager. My fondest memories were watching Stu Sherard perform. He had the smoothest jump shot I have ever seen, and witnessing him pile up Academy and National records was a real pleasure. He certainly was a very consistent performer.   I will also never forget Bob Loupe scoring the winning basket in our victory over Navy in 1962. After three years of losing to Navy, it was a very emotional win.  Added by a Friend – John has traveled to China on a number of occasions and has assisted in 1991 the People’s Republic of China establishment of the Stilwell Museum in Chongqing to honor his service to China.  John Retired as a Colonel after 22 years in the Signal Corps. 

** LTG  Jim  & Carol Ellis 3d US army copy
Cadet Brigade Commander, Star Man, Lacrosse, Responsible for the recording of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur‘s Duty Honor Country Farewell Address to the Cadet Corps – on 12 May 1962.  Commanded 3d Army, “Patton’s Own”  The team is more important than any individual. While individuals may perform outstandingly (we have awards); it is the success of the team that determines the outcome of the battle and the war. As General Patton said, “The Army moves as a team, eats as a team, and fights as a team.”

Dennis & Kathy Flint   70px-501-Parachute-Infantry-Regiment.svg copy.png    22_US_Infantry_Regiment_COA      60_IR_Coat_Of_Arms      9th Inf Div    5th Inf Div    1:17DF
Commanded four companies, airborne, recon, training, and mechanized.  Commanded 1/17 Mech Inf Bn  Served 36 months in combat. Presented a silver star by Gen Westmorland and by Gen Abrams. Awarded 19 medals in combat including a purple heart.  Aide to Gen Davison. Served in War Plans Division, DCSOPS, DA and with the J C S.  Attended Industrial War College.  .  President Flynn and Lacy, Inc. Never the first — always, always crossed the finish line. 

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 8/12/1965  Bob Fuellhart P116.jpg
Army’s Lonely End in 1960 and 1961 upon the Graduation of Bill Carpenter. In ’61 Bob was banged up with injuries but was still a hard nosed defensive back.  Killed in Action 12 August 1965 the same day his Daughter was born.

** Marlene Garvey for Dick  Need Crest
A man of intellect, good humor, and calm demeanor, with a wonderful sense of family, and a great friend – John Easterbrook 


Purple_Heart_Medal.png  1/17/1965 Thurston A.  (Turk) Griffith25th Inf.jpegNEEDS CUTTING
Starting guard and key contributor on Army’s 150-pound 1961 football team. KIA Vietnam 1/17/65.  Turk and  I were in the basic officer’s course together at Fort Gordon, GA. Turk (and others) played on a touch football team. The team was stacked with former college players and had its way with the other teams in the league.Turk played on the inside of the offensive line and had a much larger varsity college player on his outside. The other teams would frequently complain that Turk was not abiding by the rules and I can vividly remember the referee getting right up on the line to try to catch Turk doing something illegal.Now I am sure Turk would never do anything outside the rules, but since the referee was shielded from seeing everything by the player to Turk’s outside, Turk was never called for an infraction.Griffith Hall at Fort Gordon is, of course, named for Turk. It is a BOQ or VOQ and, I am told, has recently been renovated – – by John Easterbrook

Harry Hagerty    Need a Crest                          
“You Man Halt”   Twice he heard it, Harry halted for one ran at the other – he had well over 200 hours on “The Area”  No one ever had a better Ranger Buddy – Phil Burns

George & Marilyn Handy  Need  a Crest
M2 Honor Rep, Soccer – A Friend who will stand with you.  George continues to be a part of teams – currently involving East Europeans and Americans in economic growth and stronger security.

 crossed Hockey Sticks  Lacross USMA Shoulder Patch

220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg majgen.gif  Frank & Patricia Horton  200px-SAC_Shield.svg  United_States_Air_Force_Academy_shield CIA    44th m S wing  544  150px-351st_Missile_Wing  dia_symbol_trans100
Third in the Class, Frank wore Stars on his collar for 3 years.  He participated in 11 different social and athletic activities as a Cadet.  First assignment was 544 Aero Sp Recn Wg; then Harvard PhD in 69; USAF Academy 70; 7th AF RVN 70-71; USAFA again 71-73; ODCSP&O; 351st SMWg; 44MSWg: Cdr 44MSWg, HqSAC 84-85; DDr JSTPS: CIA86-87; DDir DIA 87-90; DCS Intel SAC; Ret ’93 MG General.  (Jerry Garwick spoke to USAF officers who served with MG Horton. They said he was the most focused person they ever knew. Just like Cadet Horton)  By Bill Kosco

** Mack & Eloise Howard  Need a Crest
The best lacrosse photo Butch Darrell has ever seen is in our Howitzer – Mack leaping into the air, twisting hard to his left, stick high in the air ready to execute a shot on goal.   Appointed by Ronald Reagan years ago (for life – which he will honor) as US District Judge for Eastern NC and is now Senior Judge. In addition recently stepped down having served 7 years on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (dealing with “spies and terrorists)

Dick & Sharon Irwin 200px-18th_Engineer_Brigade_SSI.svg copy.png  Need Crest, $ and write up
An Army A in Soccer:  Lover of all sports, participating in 8 Clubs. 18th Eng Bde.  Project Manag NASA

Chuck & Ellen Ivy P116.jpg
Straight from Mississippi Cotton Land, chcucActive in 5 clubs; 2/320 Arty, MACV, AdC CG I Corps Korea, MSEE Columbia, OJCS, JD Georgetown, Atlanta Attorney

**  BG.png Jim & Jeane Kays USMA Shoulder Patch
Stood 9th in the Class – would have stood much higher if he did not have to spend so much time helping me.  Created the Systems Engineering Dept at West Point and was 1st Department Head.   Gave 26 Years to the 150s.  Jim’s Friend

Jim Kimsey   USMA Shoulder Patch
Founded AOL. Donated Kimsey Athletic Center – South end of Blaik Field, Home of Army Football, major contributor to establishing The ’62 Room, our Class Fitness Center

** George & Karen Kirschenbauer  Need a crest
“Kirschenbauer, Kirschenbauer, I saw George Kirschenbauer hit a home run over the roof of Cullum Hall!.” Comment by son of Mr. Link (PE Dept.) when George’s name was mentioned, Spring of 2006, at Coach Alitz’s funeral.

220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg Dale & Barbara Kuhns 37982964_2135311110081840_3953115868065431552_o.jpg
Ox – appropriate earning 6 Army As- 3 year starter as Football Tackle and Heavy Weight Wrestler.  Drove B52s

majgen copy 2.jpg John & Margaret Landry  Need a Crest and write up
He wore Stars as a Cadet and as a Soldier. He earned Army A’s with the 150s.

Ron & Sharon Lane  ICO_USACE-1.GIF Need Crest, and write up
My Wrestling Team Mate

Bob & Janice Loupe   Need a Crest
Bob’s keen sense of humor and loquacious personality always kept the basketball team in high spirits and the airways of KDET lively. Bob, however, will always be remembered for scoring the winning basket during the Army-Navy basketball game of 1962. In the waning moments of the game with both Stu & Al out, he brought the ball up court, his eyes became fixed on the basket, he drove to it, and lifted the ball to the final points of the game.  

Cliff & Carol McKeithan   Unknown-5.jpeg  Unknown-3.jpeg e338f442-fd82-4db0-9c41-0e72deea48c3_1.7a9e7aa3d0891d1e7d870cf8ed53876a.jpegNeed Crest, $ and write up
Flew the Mohawk in Vietnam, a test pilot on the XV-15, and flew choppers.

**  BG.png Carl Morin by Evelyn    150px-212_FA_Bde_DUI copy
Carl led his High School Team in stopping Bob Anderson ’61 in his tracks.  A loving, caring Father and Husband and a Solider who was a credit to West Point.  Co 212th F Arty, OSD. 

Paul & Carol Murphy     13th Field arty.jpeg  27_FA_Rgt_DUI.jpg  23grp copy  USMA Shoulder Patch  tn_4th_Msl_Cmd.gif
Manager Cross Country Team; 13th & 27th Arty Hawaii; 23d F Arty Gp RVN; MS in Aerospace; Mechanics Professor USMA; 4th Missile Command Korea, Readiness Command.  We lost him in a chopper crash 1977. 

LTG.png  Bob & Gail Ord   120px-35th_Infantry_Regiment_DUI.jpg P116.jpg  100px-7th_Infantry_Division_SSI_(1973-2015).svg.png 25th Inf.jpeg
Football, Wrestling, Honor Committee. CoCO 35th Inf, 25th Div RVN, MACV, MILPERCEN, CO 1st Bde 7th Div, ODCSPER, CS CFA Korea, ADC 7th Div, CG PERSCOM, CG 25th Inf Div, CG USARPAC, Dean School of Intl Grad Studies.

Wayne Parker & Tatjana Parker  Need a Crest
Inspired by John Taylor, coached by Rick with the nucleus of Tank, Russ, Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Dennis, Wayne & Mike, ’62 gave West Point Rugby, a team that has dominated the sport since its inception.

Jack & Susie Reavill   220px-20th_FA  12FARegtCOA  crest  52grp   V_Corps.svg   333_FA_Rgt_DUI   43290
Football and 
Lacrosse; 1/20 Arty 63, AdC 65, 6/12 Arty Korea 65, 1/19 Arty 67, 52d Arty Gp RVN 68, HQ CONARC 70, V Corps Arty 77, Co 1/333 FA  79, DC 83, OASOD 84,  OASOPS 84, Ret 88.

medal-of-honor copy 2.jpg   Purple_Heart_Medal.png 7/12/1965  Marine emblem copy Frank Reasoner & Sally NordstromFirst Marine.jpeg
3d Recon Bn, 3d Mar Div Frank once told me that he wanted 3 things – 30 Years in the Marine Corps, own a bar outside the Main Gate of a Marine Base and Earn the Medal of Honor. Frank was Killed in Action 12 July 1965. He was Awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions – – by a Wrestling Teammate

BG.pngBG.pngBG.pngBG.png Dennis & Mary Jo Reimer  8th Div Inf copy 3.jpg Chief of Staff
Founding Member of Army Rugby.    As 33d Army Chief of Staff, used “Soldiers are our Credentials” to insure the Army would not forget Soldiers remained our core competency.     1945 – – The 8th Division ADC in accepting the surrender of a German Unit, when asked by the German Commander to show his credentials, he pointed to two riflemen behind him and responded – “These are my Credentials”.   Distinguished Graduate

Larry Remener 120px-6_Inf_Div_DUI.png   120px-18_Infantry_Regiment_DUI.png Unknown-1  images.jpeg 100px-Flag_of_Supreme_Headquarters_Allied_Powers_Europe.svg
Involved in 9 Sport & Activity Clubs; He could speak the language of the farmer & laborer, as well as the politician & soldier. Berlin Brigade,  10th, 6th & 5th Sp Forces, 1st / 46th Inf, SHAPE 

BG.png  Bob & Gerri Ricks Unknown-1.jpegDr.png
Successful Infantry Career, then to Medical School, Retirement, then recalled to Active Duty to Participate in Medical Evaluation Study.

** Al & Lynda Rushatz 145PATCH.JPG   Unknown.png    USMA Shoulder Patch copy.jpg
6 Army A’s  An All American in Football & Wrestling.  Inspirational Guide in Creating the 62′ Room in Arvin Gym. 145th Avn Bn RVN, Def Rep India, 8th Cav RVN, Co 269 Avn Bn, G3 XVIII Abn Cps. DPE USMA.  (Flew Mission after Mission attempting to contact Glen Blumhardt when the Vietnamese Regiment Glen was Advising was over run.  Glen led a small group out)

** George & Diana Schein Dr copy.png  USMA Shoulder Patch copy.jpg
Chairman of the Cadet Honor Committee.  Doctor serving the Pittsburg community.
During June Week 1962, at the corner of Grant Hall,  John Selby and Jim Kays bumped into George Schein as George was headed out to meet his soon to be wife Diana.  George asked how I was doing, studying for an Ordnance Department Turnout.  John said something like – He is in the rack and has not been studying.  George immediately turned around running back into South Area, asking which Room?   I was in the rack when the door crashed open and I heard the leather soles hit the concrete floor as I pretended to be asleep – maybe he would go away.  Suddenly my bed was lifted and I was thrown against the wall. I got up saw who it was laughed and said “George!”.  He said get over at that desk and study.  He returned once and I was at the desk. The Turnout was easy.  To this day whenever a woman with spikes hits a concrete floor, I flinch.  By a Friend

220px-Military_service_mark_of_the_United_States_Air_Force.svg   Michael & Judy Schredl USMA Shoulder Patch copy.jpg  250px-6595th_Aerospace_Test_Wing_-_Emblem.png
Founding Member of Army Rugby; an aggressive Tiger on the playing fields, while involved in 15 different Clubs. The 24178 Undistinguished  Graduate  – 362 below the 1st man in the Class and 238 above the last man in the Class; The Army sends you to hot places in the muddle of nowhere and the Air Force sends you to cold places, in the middle of nowhere.

Ron & Margaret Stock USAF_-_2d_Air_Division DIA   jcrc-patch  Air_Force_Special_Operations_Command
June Week he stood an Officers Board to insure he was tall enough to be Commissioned. 2d Air Div RVN 64, DIA 66, AAA USSR 70, JCRC Thailand (Pilot Remains) 75, 5th Special Operations Squadron Eglin AF Base 79.

George (Tank) & Dana Telenko P116.jpg  Unknown-1    220px-11th_Armored_Cavalry_Regiment_CSIB.svg  image002 M1 Abrams   8th Div Inf copy 3.jpg
Scrum Lock 1st West Point Rugby Team – In first Advisor Group to Vietnam 1964; Aide to CG 1st Armored Division; Regt S2/1st Sqdn; XO 11th ACR Vietnam 1969; Activated Lima Tank Plant and built first year production of M1 Abrams Tanks; Bn Cmdr 5/68 Armor , 8th Divison.

** John & Peggy Wagner  7th army.png 6th army.png USMA Shoulder Patch
L-1 Cadet Company Commander, Choir, Sunday Sch Teacher, Turned Out in Spanish, but still wore 2 Gold Stars on his Collar, Btry CO 6/32d Arty, Ft. Lewis,Sixth Army, CO 66th HEM Co, 7th Army Germany,  Hqs Sup Comd RVN, MACV, MS Mgmt.Sloan School, MIT, General Electric, VP Pengo Ind, A Young & Co, Management Consultant.

Purple_Heart_Medal.png Marine emblem.jpg  6/29/1965 Douglas Wauchope   A-6.jpeg
3d Marine Expeditionary Force; Marine Corps Pilot Killed 29 June 1965

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 6/30/1968 William C. & Mary Ann Whitehead 8th Div Inf copy 3.jpg 6:14 Arty
AdC CG 8th Div, 6/14 Arty RVN 1967,  To get through the line I depended especially on three teammates and Classmates, Mike Casp (our team captain) – at Right Guard, Bill Whitehead – at Center, and Barry Butzer – at Left Guard. They were great Army football players. Bill  and Mike were Killed in  Vietnam.  Barry was killed in a car accident.    – – Al Rushatz

Dick & Sharon Wylie  299 engr Bn.jpg USMA Shoulder Patch Eighth_United_States_Army_DUI copy.png
Sunday Sch Teacher; CO D Co 13th Eng Bn Korea; MD Civil Engr Purdue; CO B Co  299 Eng Bn S-3  937th Eng Gp RVN; Expan Planning USMA:  Facility Engr 8th Army, Korea;  Dep District Engr Pittsburgh; Const Engr Forscom; CO 3rd Bn Ft Belvoir; Adv Missouri Natl Guard Engineers; Chief of Staff Troscom St Louis

Purple_Heart_Medal.png 7/7/1965  Ronald L. Zinn USMA Shoulder Patch  Olympicpng
First Cadet to be selected to a USA Olympic team; competed in race-walking at the 1960 Olympics and was top American finisher in the 20K race. Also a key contributor on the Academy cross-country and track teams. Ron was Killed in Action Vietnam 7/7/65 – –  John Easterbrook


“At the 1964 Olympic Trials for 50 kilometers, Chris McCarthy was walking in a pack that included Army Lieutenant Ron Zinn (later killed in Vietnam) and Don DeNoon of the Southern California Striders, who holds the national indoor mile record. At one point McCarthy attempted a burst, and an official following on a bicycle shouted, “McCarthy, that’s one warning on you!” Zinn and the others complained to the official that according to the rules he couldn’t judge from a moving vehicle. The judge pedaled ahead, sulking, and descended from his bicycle. When the group passed him, McCarthy was back walking cautiously in the middle of the pack. “DeNoon,” shouted the judge, “that’s one warning on you!” DeNoon eventually received a second caution and had to leave the race. McCarthy went on to win…Many race walkers are former distance runners who started walking either out of curiosity or necessity. Ron Zinn switched from cross-country to walking following an arch injury….At the National AAU championships in St. Louis in 1963 no walking judges appeared. Ron Zinn covered two miles in 14:03.6, erasing Henry Laskau’s championship record by almost 20 seconds. Chris McCarthy, who was then putting out a magazine for race walkers, published a picture of Zinn finishing with both feet off the ground. “Ron Zinn soars to victory,” said the caption.”

Ronald Zinn of Orland Park, III., a West Point first classman, set course record of 1:4I:5 1 in winning National AAU 20-kilometer championship walk at Buffalo, finished 26 seconds ahead of Jack Mort-land of Ohio Track Club of Columbus.

September 21, 1964
A Roundup Of The Sports Information Of The Week
Chris McCarthy of Chicago, Bruce MacDonald of New York and Mike Brodie of Pleasant Hill, Calif. heeled-and-toed their way on to the U.S. Olympic Walking Team in the 50-kilometer trials in Seattle and joined Ron Zinn of West Point, N.Y.. Lieut. Ron Laird of Pomona. Calif. and Jack Mortland of Columbus. Ohio, who had earlier qualified for the squad in the 20-kilometer walk.

I have just learned of the death in action in Vietnam of a fine friend, Lieut. Ron Zinn. I am sure those who were with the U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo, where Ron finished sixth in the 20-kilo walk, must be saddened by this news.
In its way, Ron’s performance in this race was as important to American race walking as was Billy Mills’s brilliant 10,000-meter victory to distance running.
I roomed with Ron both in Tokyo and on a trip to Moscow in 1961. He was a fine athlete and sportsman, a gentleman and as fierce a competitor as I have ever met.

Located at Wall Municipal Complex, the 2010 Captain Ronald Zinn 5K Run and 10K Walk was directed by Shore AC’s 1956 Olympic Racewalker Elliott Denman.
The event is meant to celebrate the life of the late great Olympian Ronald Zinn, an Olympic racewalker, West Point Alum, and a Captain in Vietnam, Ronald Zinn was killed in war leaving behind a true legacy. Before the race began, Elliott spoke to the runners at the start of the race about the life of Captain Ronald Zinn.


This listing is dedicated to the 815 Classmates who became the West Point Class of 1962 – Tuesday 1 July1958.