1953 -1954 Corps of Cadets Highlights – Room 405

Col. Blaik (Football Coach of the Year) leaving the field late afternoon Nov. 28th 1953 after the Army Team beat Navy 20 to 7.





*Please note – Jerry Lodge – who wore #32 is missing from Photo as is Norm Stephen. 2d man 2d row next to Tommy Bell – Name is Zaborowski. Wynn #31 is actually in the 2d row not the 3d



Acheer copy
The 1953 cheerleaders, standing, for the Army team, with tumblers in the first row. Cheerleaders, left to right: Ed Moses, ’54; John Clayton ’55, Al Worden ’55, Billy McVeigh ’54, Jay Edwards ’54, Bill Robinson ’55; Tumblers: Peter Jones ’54, Dan Ludwig ’55, Jack Charles ’54, Charles Glenn ’56.


Cadets swarm the field after the Duke Game. 

The Nomination of the 1953 Football Team for the Army Sports Hall of Fame is at

While Bob Mischak’s Nomination is at – – –   https://forwhattheygave.com/2007/09/18/bob-mischak/




1952ArmyTeam copy



Army 55 Team

ArmyTeam 1956

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