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1900 Team



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1901 Team


IN THE FOOTBALL WORLD; The Season Ends with the Games This Week. CELEBRATION AT HARVARD Interest in West Point-Annapolis Contest — Columbia in Fair Shape to Play Indians.
With the end of this week the football season of 1901 will be a thing of the past. Among the colleges the championship has already been decided, and Harvard has carried off the palm. The army and navy have yet to settle their dispute, and their game on Saturday winds up the season. Two annual contests of more than ordinary importance also occurr this week.




Class Album 1902


Emory Jenison Pike

No. 4066. Class of 1901 As division machinegun officer, near Vandieres, France, September 15, 1918, having gone forward to reconnoiter new machinegun positions, Colonel Pike assisted in reorganizing infantry units, during a heavy artillery shelling. Locating about 20 men, he advanced and, when later joined by several Infantry platoons, rendered inestimable service in establishing outposts. When a shell had wounded one of the men in the outpost, Colonel Pike immediately went to his aid, and was severely wounded himself when another shell burst in the same place. While waiting to be brought to the rear, Colonel Pike continued in command. Died of wounds near September 16, 1918, aged 41 years. Medal of Honor
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