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Arthur Edward Bouton

Photo page 55 – 1919 Annual Report

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No. 4731 Class of 1908. His battalion was one of two battalions of regiment which remained in line continuously for six weeks. He was especially valuable during those trying days as his calmness under fire and his ability to promptly and efficiently meet conditions as they arose, inspired great confidence in all his subordinates and helped in a great measure to crown each engagement of his battalion with the wreath of victory. He met his death from a shell fragment while valiantly directing his battalion in the advance in the open fields near Soissons, July 18, 1918, near Chateau Thierry, France, aged 32 years.

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1908 Football Team

1908 6-1-2
1908/11/28 Army 6 – Navy 4 W
Coach: Harry Nelly 1908-1910







Howitzer 1909

Army Navy Game

Rivals Leave For Big Game – West Point Cadets and Annapolis Middies Depart for Battle Field.
Youngstown Vindicator – Nov 25, 1908

ARMY AND NAVY IN FOOTBALL BATTLE; West Point and Annapolis Cadets Clash at Philadelphia To-day. TEAMS FIT AND CONFIDENT Battalions of Both Academies to See Conflict — Social and Official Throngs as Spectators.
New York Times – Nov 28, 1908
The football season for 1908 will close this afternoon when the rival … To-day is a general reunion day in :Philadelphia …

30,000 PERSONS SEE ARMY TEAM DEFEAT NAVY ON FRANKLIN FIELD; Grizzled Veterans of Uncle Sam’s Service Mingle with Youth and Beauty, While Embryo Generals and Admirals Contest for Football Supremacy. ARMY VANQUISHES NAVY ON GRIDIRON – New York Times – November 29, 1908,
PHILADELPHIA, Penn., Nov 28 — The thirteen engagement in the perennial strife of football between West Point and Annapolis went into history this afternoon with a score of “Army, 6, and Navy, 4,” to be emblazoned in Army archives, and to be recorded on the other side of the ledger at Annapolis.

Army Vanquishes The Navy – Lewiston Morning Tribune – Nov 29, 1908