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1918 Team

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Kenneth Paul Murray

No. 5842. Class of 1918. “With rarer courage and conspicuous
gallantry he led a counter attack against the enemy five times his own numbers, July 15th 1918, east of Chateau Thierry, France, in which he was killed. Age 21.
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Frank Sidney Long

5883 Class of August 30th,1917 Near Fleville, Meuse – Argonne about dusk October 4th he attacked and captured enemy machine gun nests at Chatel Farm. On October 5th the enemy began shelling his command with anti-tank guns and shrapnel. While making reconnaissance, Lieutenant Long was struck fragment of shell killing him instantly. Age 23
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Louis Armistead Freeman

No. 5850. Class of 1918 graduated 31st of August 1917. Having exposed himself fearlessly to a terrific artillery barrage to superintend personally the operations of his own troops, was mortally wounded August 17, 1918, at Frappelle in the St. Die Sector, on the Lorraine frontier., Died August 18, 1918. Aged 24 years.
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Theodore Desmond Schmidt

No. 5854. Class of (Aug., 1917) 1918. Died of wounds 7 September 1918.

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Edward Joseph Wolff, Jr.

No. 5777. Class of 1918 (Aug., 1917). Attempted to extinguish flames caused by an enemy airplane in an ammunition dump. He was instantly killed by a shell piercing his heart. Killed August 16, 1918, in France, aged 22 years.
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Albert Francis Ward

No. 6010. Class of June, 1918.

Killed in action Novitskn Siberia, June 22, 1919, aged 24 years.

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Leslie R Groves

November 1918 Class

Oversaw the building of the Pentagon and was head of the Manhattan Project.

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Eugene Vidal

The Team only played one game on September 28th against Mitchel Field Aviators – winning 20 to 0.
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Elmer Oliphant