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Alexander Nininger


Recipient of the Medal of Honor Bataan, Philippines- 12 January 1942 T

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“’tis not what man does which exalts him, but what
man would do!” It was Sandy’s good fortune to be pro-
vided with the means and the background necessary to
know and appreciate the many arts. His interest in the
theatre, a devotion to books and music, and a love for
painting make him an excellent conversationalist. Could
it be these artistic inclinations that have so often
prompted, “Is she pro?” Proof enough isn’t it, that
Sandy was one of us?

Congressional appointment

Corporal (2)

Lieutenant (1)

Swimming (4-3)

Track (3-2-1)

Monogram (2)

Cross Country (2-1)

Monogram (2)

Hop Manager (4-3-2-1)

Sergeant (1)