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1960-1961 Wrestling

Warren Miller 61


Mike Natvig — National Champion in 1961 & 1962 at 147 Pounds

(no photo at present)

Al Rushatz 62

177 Pounds

Denny Benchoff 62

Dale Kuhns 62 Unlimited

Robbie Vannamen 63

Al McElhose 62

Ray Nickla 63

191 Pounds

Gary Flack 61

Buzzy Kriesel 62

167 Pounds

Harry Miller 61

Mike Ekman 61

Phil Burns 62

123 pounds

1961 Baseball Team

Army Over Syracuse 9-6 Yankee Stadium

One of our Fullbacks (probably Ray) is going to Bust Somebody – Al Rushatz & Ray Paske ran this play several times with success. There is a clear image in my mind of Al, right in front of the Corps, getting tripped up at the line of scrimmage, dropping his free hand as he is nearly horizontal, regaining his balance and rumbling for more yardage.

Tom Blanda gives us 3 More

John Ellerson puts him in the Dirt

Army has broken Free, headed for a Score

Bert Yancy

awaiting data