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Jim Kimsey

Kimsey Athletic Center
Distinguished Graduate 2008

2008 Commencement Address

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”
“Then, I said,” “Here am I; Send me.” Isaiah, Chapter 6, verse 8.

Today we gather to recognize the cadets of the
Class of 2008, men and women who, in the spring
of 2004, answered the call of our nation, a
nation at war-, “Here am I. Send me.” This
afternoon, they will be commissioned as Second
Lieutenants. And over the next year, our Army
will send them around our Nation and around the
world to one of 80 countries where American
Soldiers are serving the cause of freedom.

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Mike Viti

Mike is Class of 2008

Army Firstie fullback Mike Viti gave everything against Navy despite having a high right ankle sprain. (Editors note – see Army Lore Home Page

“The trainers and the doctors looked at it,” Viti said. “Realistically, it was bad, even if I hurt it that much more it wasn’t going to hurt that much more. It probably would have hurt more to stay out. There’s time to let it heal. There’s an off-season, end of a career. If it’s not your senior season and the last game of your career, you don’t go”