Army Lore – 6

With the foul, 3 for Army

He had never stepped on a mat. Coach Alitz taught him how to earn 3 Army A’s

He took himself out of the game. The trainer wrapped his arm. He went back in making tackle after tackle with his broken arm.

Nearly every afternoon for 4 years he either prepared for or competed. He was an All American in both Football and Wrestling. (Notes for Army Hall of Fame Board)

As a player, coach and officer representative he gave 26 years to the 150s. (Notes for Army Hall of Fame Board)

Coach Tipton wanted to cut him because he could not make weight over four years. His Plebe Coach said no; that player would never let the 150’s down. For 3 years, he was the starting fullback. In his last game against Navy at Annapolis, his former Plebe Coach watched him run out onto the field in front of thousands of screaming Navy fans. He consistently slashed through the front 7 and into the Navy secondary that afternoon. There was no more screaming.

If you wonder what it takes to be selected Defensive Player of the week, just ask someone who played against Pittsburg. When he and George closed on Mike Ditka, they stopped him in his tracts. As Mike jogged back to the Pittsburg huddle, George and Al helped him to his feet. Spitting out the remains of 5 teeth, all he could say was “Well at least we stopped him”.

In the age of specialty, do you ever wonder who could do it all — one who could return kickoffs and punts; run the option, passing rather than add more yards to his legacy; roll out into the flat, or go long; then never come out of the game as his ability to read and make bone crushing tackles stymied offenses; who the Sonner’s Bud Wilkinson referred to as one of the toughest. Yet in reality, with all his great runs, including 983 Yearling Year, all he ever was; is just a guy who was and is loved by his teammates.

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