Army Lore – References

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  • Mike Natvig 2 time National Champ at 147 Class of 1963
  • Frank Reasoner Can Do Class, 150 Football, Wrestling — Killed in Action Vietnam
  • Al Rushatz #31, Captain of the Wrestling Team, All American Football and Wrestling, the Athlete this site is dedicated to
  • Maggie Dixon for the Greatness she created
  • Joe Steffy the only Lineman of the 4 names at Michie
  • John Dilley Can Do Class
  • 1983 150 Team
  • Barry DeBolt Class of 1966
  • Bob Novogratz Class of 1959 – Bob Anderson’s comment prior to 59 season.

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  • Bob Anderson Class of 1960 as expressed by his Teammates – #21 on his back, Number 1 in our Hearts
  • Buzzy Kriesel the Can Do Class
  • Joe Caldwell Class of 1960
  • Al Rushatz – see page 2
  • Jim Kays – friend, who insured his roommate graduated, the Athlete who dedicate 26 years to the 150s

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  • Coach Alitz – what is said is all that needs to be said
  • Bob Anderson-see page 3
  • Pete Dawkins Class of 1959 – Natonal Football Foundation Gold Medal 2007 – that should be enough said
  • Don Holleder, All American End converted to quarterback Firstie Year, underwent intense pressure from the Corps and the West Point Officer Cadre most of the season, but continued to Give, culminating in the completely unexpected win over Navy, Killed in Action Vietnam, Footballs Black Lion Award
  • Bob Loupe nothing but a B Squader until that basket – 4 years of Giving for just one basket 2/24/1962 and the win, the Can Do Class
  • Al Rushatz see page 2.

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  • Classes of 1974 and 1975, Notes for Army Hall of Fame Board – Jim Kays see page 3
  • Barry DeBolt Class of 1996

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  • 1953 Football Team
  • Col Blaik – every Cadet and Graduate knows who Coach Blaik was.

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