Al DeJardin

Al & Kathleen DeJardin 

Basketball and Baseball – Captain of the ’62 Baseball Team – Shortstop

I knew Al and his family. I did not know Al was army great, though I always knew he went to West Point. He managed one of my summer league baseball teams in So Cal. He also as a mainstay coach at my little league growing up as his youngest son was a year younger than me. His older son Bobby was a great Shortstop as well playing for the 1984 #1 nationally ranked Mater Dei HS. He was drafted by the Cubs but opted to play for Loyola Marymount and was drafted in the 8th round by the Yankees where he has a long minor league career making as close as one can to the bigs finishing at AAA. Fun guy with an always friendly demeanor.    richandrews71

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