Ron Zinn

Soldier, Olympian

by Dave Phillips 62 Sports Historian

How could the remarkable race walker Ron Zinn not be included in the Army track and field media guide? He was a member of two US Olympic teams and I remember well watching the beginning of one of his Olympic races on television (black and white). He was in the lead as the walkers left the stadium. I was so proud of him and West Point I practically levitated. Tom Feeley ’62

He earned Class Numerials in Track & Field, Cross Country and Wrestling, while earing Army A’s in Track & Field and Cross Country

He was a fine young officer, revered by his men, and was killed in RVN. Link to site dedicated to Ron —

Captain Ron Zinn Memorial Award

Given to the outstanding U.S. race walker to commemorate the achievements of Capt. Ron Zinn, who lost his life in combat during the Vietnam War. A race walker, he was a member of the U.S. Olympic Team in the 1964 Summer Games at Tokyo and his sixth place finish in the 20 km event was considered outstanding for American walkers at that time.

Web page for West Point Grave Site

BENNING 1962; ONE MILE RUN. “Gun goes off and everyone bolts from the starting line. Wait! Ron is WALKING! As the runners quickly leave him in the dust, the Cadre goes NUTS! SCREAMING, “RUN! RUN!” and a few other choice remarks. But NO; Ron keeps walking, pumping his elbows. At the 3/4 mile mark, Ron starts passing stragglers by the dozens. It’s now obvious Ron will be well under the “TIME TO BEAT” 6 MINUTE MILE and everyone on the sidelines [the next group of runners AND the Cadre] starts clapping and cheering for Ron as he walks across the finish line. Glad I was there – thanks, guys. Way to go, Ron. Tom Feeley ’62

May 2013 VFW Article provided by Steve Sperman


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