Superintendant’s Quarters

Joseph G Swift - 1802 - first Grad of West Point.jpg

Joseph G Swift – 1802 – first Graduate of West Point – Superintendent 1812 – 1814

Built in 1820, it has housed West Point’s Superintendants including General Douglas MacArthur, General “Maxwell Taylor” and General “William Westmoreland”. Plain on the left and Trophy Point to the right of Thayer Road. The Monument to Col Sylvanus Thayer, Founder of the United States Military can be seen in the center right

Superintendant’s are on the left and the Commandant’s are on the right. Arvn Gym can be seen behind the Supe’s Quarters and above the Gym is the Jewish Chapel. The Catholic Chapel can be seen above the Comm’s Quarters


The below photos were taken in 1962 when General Westmoreland was Superintendant

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