Washington Hall

Washington Hall — The Cadet Dining Area, with Statue of George Washington in front and the Cadet Chapel on the rocks above.

The Cadet Mess is responsible for feeding the Corps of Cadets, and the entire Corps eats breakfast and lunch at the same time in less than 25 minutes. Cadets are seated at ten-person tables and are served hot meals family style. The messhall is decorated with various military and historic artifacts dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The large mural in the southwest wing depicts the history of the weapons of warfare used in the twenty most decisive battles in history as visualized by the artist, Mr. T. Loftin Johnson. When completed in 1936, it was one of the largest unbroken interior paintings in the world, with an overall surface of 2,450 square feet.

Front Entrance to Washington Hall as it was in 1958


The Mural — far wall of the Southwest wing.

Wahington Hall as it was with Col Thayer in front — prior to the addition which was required when the Corps of Cadets was expanded from 2400 to over 4,000 Cadets.



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