1967 150 Football




The Lightweights also contributed to the success of the “Big” Team…two 66 stars – Jim Greenlee and Van Evans –  were called up by second-year Head Coach Tom Cahill and made timely contributions in the highly successful 8-2 season.  Van Evans, also an indoor/outdoor track sprint star, scored three touchdowns (1 rushing, 1 receiving, 1 punt return) and is still (as of 2013 Press Guide) Army’s 4th all-time leader in season punt returns, season punt return yards, and 7th in season punt return average (min 20 returns), 19th (min 10 returns).  Two touchdowns came in Army’s win over Virginia.  However, his punt return against Stanford was even more notable, as described in the on April 29, 1968 Sports Illustrated article – ‘On, Brave Old Army Team’ :

“Early last season in a game with Stanford, Army punted from its 36-yard line though trailing 20-17 with less than five minutes to play. For the first time since he took the job, Cahill got booed. Really booed, by 31,500 people crammed into Michie Stadium. “That was some voice,” he said. “Whew!” But shortly after the punt, Army’s 150-pound halfback, Van Evans, ran back a Stanford kick into scoring position, and Army pulled the game out. A cheerleader with tears in his eyes came up and apologized to Cahill, for himself and the corps, for ever doubting….”



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