Jefferson Hall

The Old Library – as it was until 1962. A portion of the Library which replaced the Old Library can be seen in the 13th picture.

Note — Some may remember the small statue on the spiral stair case which when rubbed properly insured a Proficient Grade

The new Library at West Point

Photos of new Library by Casey Madrick – USMA Library Staff

Thomas Jefferson

Quotations by Jefferson

Ring Case — 3 in center are from the left – MacArthur’s, Eisenhower’s, Bradley’s

President Kennedy’s Ring

Looking North

3d Floor Room

5th Floor Ceiling

Library with Eisenhower Statue on right

Circulation Desk

The Plain Looking North

The Old Library started in 1962 can be seen on left. When renovation is completed it will house Physics, Chemistry, and the Archives & Special Collections Division of the West Point Library

Outside Wall


Study Area

Practice Parade – selected Cadre only


old L as it once stood

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