Medal of Honor

In Honor of Academy Graduates who are Medal of Honor Recipients

The Army Medal is on the left, Navy/Marine center and Air Force on the far right.

The Class of 1939 has given West Point two leather bound volumes containing the individual Medal of Honor Citations and a photocopy of each of the Plaques which are mounted on the walls of the buildings throughout the Academy. Copies of these will be placed on this page when the Library scans them onto their web site. The Class of 1939 had two Medal of Honor recipients, Robert Cole and Leon Vance – both athletes, while Robert Sears – 3 Time National Gymnastics Champion, was highly decorated during his service in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

Over the years various designs of the Medal have been used. Each service has its own version of the Medal. One Graduate Frank Reasoner, Class of 1962, as a Marine Lieutenant was a Medal of Honor Recipient of the Navy’s version of the Medal of Honor

In addition West Pointer Athletes who have been nominated for the Medal of Honor, but were decorated with a lesser award will be mentioned.

The Plaque below does not include Graduates who were recipients of the Medal since Korea. The 1862 Army Medal is on the left with the 1896 version of the Medal is on the far side.


Athletes who are Medal of Honor Recipients

Please note the quotation marks indicate that an individual page has not been preparded yet

Douglas MacArthur Class of 1903

“Arthur Wilson” Class of 1904

“Calvin Titus” Class of 1905

“John T Kennedy” Class of 1908

“William Wilbur” Class of 1912

“Demas Craw” Class of 1924

“Frederick Castle” Class of 1930

Robert Cole Class of 1939

Leon Vance Class of 1939

Alexander Nininger Class of 1941

Richard Shea Class of 1952

“Humbert Versace” Class of 1959

Frank Reasoner Class of 1962

Robert Foley Class of 1963

Paul Buch Class of 1966

Athletes Nominated for the Medal of Honor but not awarded.

They include Colin Kelly 1937, Don Holleder 1956 and Bill Carpenter 1960



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