53′ Football, 52′ and 47′

Dick Shea breaks the tape in his second successive two-mile
championship, Penn Relays, 1951.

Al, Ben, and the driver, right after the Navy Mascot’s unveiling in
Washington Hall (Photo courtesy Willis C. Tomsen, ’54)

Gerry Lodge grinds out yardage against North Carolina State, in
Michie Stadium. In the background is Bob Mishcak (87).

Al Rupp ’55, the getaway driver and Ben Schemmer ’54 pose with Bill
XII and Mr. Jackson, the Senior Army Mascot, at the Mule Pen. (Photo
Courtesy of the U.S. Army Signal Corps.)

The Army Victory Cannon, first time fired outside Michie Stadium at
the Duke game, is fired after an extra point against Columbia, at
Baker Field, 24 October 1953..

Deliriously happy Army players and cadets celebrate their stunning
14-13 upset of Duke University Blue Devils at the Polo Grounds in New
York City’s Polo Grounds, 17 October 1953. Identified players are
Lowell Sisson (83), right end; Bob Mischak (87), left end; Bill Cody
(11), quarterback; Ed Zaborowski (58), center; Joe Franklin (facing
Ed Zaborowski; Frank Burd (33), fullback; Peter Vann (10),
quarterback. (Photo courtesy of Associated Press.).

Tommy Bell drives for yards against Penn, at Franklin Field in

Freddie Attaya moves for yardage against Duke, after taking a hand-
off from Jerry Hagan. New York Times Photo..

Retired General James A. Van Fleet ’15 at the Washington Hall rally
prior to Army-Navy 1953. (Photo courtesy of USMA Archives).

Pete Vann (10) prepares to throw downfield against Columbia. In the
right foreground is Tommy Bell (46), with Pat Uebel (34), Melnick (70) is on the ground

Ben and Al parade Billy XII through the dining hall. (Photo courtesy
of Willis C. Tomsen, ’54).

Tommy Bell (46) prepares to lunge for more yardage. Pat Uebel (34),
in the foreground..

Navy fumbles attempting to return the opening kickoff. The photo,
taken by a photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, incorrectly
identified the Army player recovering the ball, as Howard Glock, when
in fact it was Lowell Sisson (83) who is on his feet facing the
camera lens as the ball squirts past his thighs. Glock (71), Bell
(46), Mischak (87), Farris (55) and Uebel (34) are identifiable.
(Photo courtesy of Urban Archives, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.).

The Corps assembled in battalion mass, Philadelphia, prior to Army-
Navy 1953.

A chloroformed Navy mascot, Billy XII, sleeps soundly on the back
floor of a convertible on the way back to West Point, the Sunday
prior to the 1953 Army-Navy game. “Borrowed” by Ben Schemmer ’54 and
Al Rupp ’55, with the kind assistance of the car’s owner, a soldier
(unidentified) in the Academy band.

Inducted into the Collegiate Football Hall of Fame.

Arnold Tucker was an assistant coach working with the Army Plebe team in 1951, and was a TAC in company F-1 ’52-’54, thus was there the season of 1953. His classmate, then-captain Herbert O. Brennan, was TAC in K-1. Herbie Brennan, a Korean War fighter-bomber pilot and destined for great things, but was tragically shot down and killed over Vinh, North Vietnam, in about October 1967, when his F-4 took a direct hit from AAA. He and Mary had five children..

Dick Inman ’52 clears his hurdle in the 4X120 shuttle hurdle relay,
Penn Relays, Saturday, 26 April 1952. Note the race was run on the
infield grass at Franklin Field, due to heavy rain. Army placed
second in the event, though they were given championship watches
because the Air Force service team placing first was ineligible to
compete in the college division, but was trying for an berth on the
1952 U.S. Olympic team. Other Army shuttle hurdle relay team members
were Ed White ’52, Bill Purdue ’54, and Larry Johnson ’52. (Photo
courtesy of the Penn Relays’ Director.)

Dick Shea and runner-up Smith of Penn State, after Dick’s third
successive championship two-mile run, Friday, 25 April 1952. (Photo
courtesy of the Penn Relays’ Director.).

Dick Shea ’52, captain of Army’s track team, breaks the tape in his
third successive two-mile run championship, in the 1952 Penn Relays,
Friday, 25 April 1952. Note the muddy track and a victory in
difficult weather conditions. (Photo courtesy of the Penn Relays

Army team captain Leroy Lunn receives the Lambert Trophy, symbolic of
eastern football supremacy, in a ceremony in Washington Hall, Sunday
evening, 20 December 1953 – the first time in the trophy’s history it
was awarded outside New York City, and the first time to a team AND
its student body. The two brothers Victor and Henry Lambert first
awarded the trophy in 1936. (Photo courtesy of the USMA Archives.).

An ecstatic Earl Blaik leaves the field after Army’s 1953, 20-7 win
over Navy. Cadet well wishers in the foreground next to Blaik are,
left to right, Clyde W. La Grone, Roman J. Peisinger, Ira Coron, and
Leonard Griggs. In the background is Rox Shain, the Army player whose
game-opening diagonal kickoff preceded Navy’s fumble. (Photo courtesy
of Willis C. Tomsen, ’54.).

Pat Uebel races for the end zone, running back a Navy punt for a
touchdown. There are some errors in identification of the Army
players. In the upper left, Odom is in fact Norm Stepen (51), Burda
is in fact Lowell Sisson (83), and the numbers of the player
identified as Sisson keeps him unidentified. (Photo courtesy of Urban
Archives, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.).

Tommy Bell prepares to take a pass thrown by Pete Vann. From left to
right, Lowell Sisson (83), Gerry Lodge on the ground (32), Pat Uebel
(34), Howard Glock (71), Leroy Lunn (60), and Norm Stephen (51). The ball is seen against the man standing with the long coat,just over the 40 yard line, while just left of Tommy Bell, Billy (the Navy Goat) remembers the fine treatment he received as guest of The Corps of Cadets.
(Photo courtesy of Urban Archives, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.).


Corps March On, pre-game at the Polo Grounds, 17 October 1953.

Pete Vann takes to the air against Dartmouth in Michie Stadium. Gerry
Lodge in the foreground giving pass protection..

Army’s Tommy Bell takes a handoff from Peter Vann. Army-Navy 1953.
(Photo courtesy of Urban Archives, Temple University, Phildelphia, PA.).

Milton Caniff, Steve Canyon cartoonist, prepares the Corps for No. 7
Duke at the Thursday rally in Washington Hall..

The 1953 cheerleaders, standing, for the Army team, with tumblers in
the first row.
Cheerleaders, left to right: Ed Moses, ’54; John Clayton ’55, Al
Worden ’55, Billy McVeigh ’54, Jay Edwards ’54, Bill Robinson ’55;
Tumblers: Peter Jones ’54, Dan Ludwig ’55, Jack Charles ’54, Charles
Glenn ’56..

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