Dick Stephenson

When he picked up his shirt and sock roll, Roy Cooper handed him an orange and white jersey with number 32 on it. As a Plebe he was not eligible to play varsity ball so he was surprised to be told to report to the A Squad. He was going to be Jim Brown of Syracuse. On his first play from scrimmage, behind B Squad blocking he took the handoff and ripped off 8 yards. Returning to the huddle, he was feeling good, until Colonel Blaik uttered those words dreaded by every Army B Squad Player– Run it again. This time he barely took the handoff when he was smashed to the ground by Dick Stephenson. Years later as an All American and member of the NCAA Hall of Fame he would still remember that hit. (Page 5 of Army Lore)

Army Starters 1954

Backfield L to R — Bob Farris, Tommy Bell, Peter Vann, Pat Uebel, “Bob Kyasky”

Line — Don Holleder, “Godwin Ordway”, Ralph Chesnauskas, “Billy Chance”, “Flay Goodwin”, Dick Stephenson, “Arthur Johnson”

Editor’s Note – In the second last game in 1953 Bob Farris got hit very hard and the net result was a detached retina. He played the 2d half of the Navy Game totally blind in one eye. He never played another down of Football. Bob was the non playing Captain of the 1954 team.
Bob was the First Captain of the 1955 – 1956 Corps of Cadets

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