Letter to Selection Committee

We the Members of the Class of 1962 believe the Army Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee and the Superintendent should recognize the accomplishment of West Point’s Teams.

The purpose of the Army Sports Hall of Fame, located within the Kenna Hall of Army Sports, is to honor the athletes, coaches, teams, administrators and others who have brought distinction to Army athletics over its many years of existence. Those team and individual achievements deemed worthy of admittance, based on the established criteria, will be formally recognized with displays in a designated Hall of Fame area of the Kenna Hall of Army Sports, located within the Kimsey Athletic Center.

The Black Lion Award is given each year to the Army Football Player and to High School Football Players throughout the Nation in Honor of Don Hollender Class of 1956 and the other Black Lions who gave their lives in October of 1967. One player from the team is selected who best exemplifies Don Hollender’s – –

leadership, courage, devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, and – above all – unselfish concern for the team ahead of himself

The last 8 words are significant.

As General Patton said, “The Army moves as a team, eats as a team, and fights as a team.”

Our Army is a team. The team is more important than any individual. While individuals may perform outstandingly (and we have an awards and promotion system to recognize outstanding performance); it is the success of the team that determines the outcome of the battle and the war. We train cadets at West Point to be outstanding individuals and to work together to accomplish team goals. But mostly we train them to be leaders of teams – Platoon through Theater Army. Patton understood the importance of teams and their accomplishments.

Just as the Motto of the Class of 2012 is “For More Than Ourselves” every Army Athlete should be focused on commitment to their respective team above their own accomplishments.

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