Graduation to China Burma India

LieutenantStilwell at Camp Jossman, Philippine Islands, circa 1905

In 1910 at West Point

Stilwell (seated, center) with Company D, 12th Infantry, Presidio of Monterey, CA, 1912.

1st Lt Stillwell – Summer of 1916, Plattsburg, NY on assignment from West Point teaching position.

Stillwell 3d from left between 1906 and 1910 at West Point.

Stillwell at West Point 1906 – 1910.

To try and understand the Officer he was go to —

Stillwell at West Point 1906 – 1910.

West Point late 1916 or early 1917

Latter half of 1917 at West Point – shortly after Promotion to Major.

During World War I as G-2 of IV Corps

Stilwell in France during World War I, 1918.

With his brother John during World War I

After WWI when Stillwell was reverted from Colonel to Captain

Stilwell on one of his trips in China, circa 1921.

LTC Stilwell, battalion commander with the 15th Infantry, Tientsin, China, 1926.

Stilwell with James Baker, American Minister to Siam, in October 1935 during Stilwell’s visit to Bangkok as part of his duties as Military Attache to China and Siam.

Stilwell during the time he was Military Attache to China and Siam, 1935-1939.

Stilwell at his home in Peking, China 1936.

Stilwell with some Japanese soldiers in the vicinity of the Marco Polo Bridge outside Peking soon after the incident that started the Sino-Japanese War, July, 1937.

Brigadier General Stilwell during his assignment to the 2nd Division, Fort Sam Houston, TX – 1939.

Brigadier General Stilwell, Commanding General 7th Division, Ft Ord, California – 1940-1941.

Stilwell and part of the group that accompanied him to the CBI in 1942 just before departure from Monterey, CA. Left to Right are Colonel William D. Powell, Lt. Fred Eldridge, Colonel Thomas G. Hearn, Lt. Carl Arnold, Lt. Col. Frank Dorn, Lt. John Nixon, Colonel Harvey Edward, Lt. Thompson, Stilwell, Colonel William E. Bergin, Lt. Col. George L. Townsend.

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