Stillwell the Walkout

Stilwell in Burma coordinating the 1942 Campaign

April, 1942. Stilwell’s note on the back is “This is last April, on the Yedashe front. (Scrap going on just beyond there.)” Clearly taken during one of Stilwell’s frequent trips to the front to assess the situation himself and encourage the Chinese forces.

Stilwell evaluating his options Burma 1942 Campaign

Stilwell briefing the group (which would swell to 114) on exactly what they were going to do. Looking closely one can identify some of the Burmese Nurses.

Stilwell cleaning his Thompson during the Walkout

Stilwell during a meal break

Stilwell leading the column – His Aide , Dick Young is third. It appears this is after he established the Rule that no one would carry more than 10 pounds as the group was weaking.

Stilwell and Chinese Colonel (later General) Tseng Shih-kwei, Stilwell’s chief interpreter during the First Burma Campaign, and later his liaison with Chinese forces, confer during the Walkout

Stilwell in Dinjan, India a few days after safely reaching Allied Forces

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