Joseph W. Stilwell Chronology of Assignments

8/1/23-9/9/23 Leave and travel to Fort Benning, GA

9/10/23-5/29/24 Student, Advanced Officer’s Course, Infantry School, Fort Benning, GA.

5/30/24-5/30/25 Assistant Executive, Fort Benning, GA.

5/31/25-8/21/25 Leave and travel to Fort Leavenworth, KS

8/22/25-6/30/26 Student Officer, Fort Leavenworth, KS.

7/1/26-9/28/26 Leave and travel to Tientsin, China (Sailed on USAT Thomas 8/20/26-9/28/26)

9/29/26-2/22/28 15th Infantry, Tientsin, China.

— 10/1/26-12/15/26, Cdr, Provisional Battalion, 15th Inf.

— 12/6/26-4/30/27, Cdr. 2nd Battalion, 15th Inf.

— 5/1/27-10/31/27, Regimental Executive Officer, 15th Inf.

— 11/1/27-12/23/27, Cdr. Provisional Battalion, 15th Inf.

— 12/24/27-2/22/28, Regimental Executive Officer, 15th Inf.

— (Trip to Korea and Japan, 95/27-9/25/27; Trip to Japan, 9/22/28-10/30/28)

2/22/28-6/30/28 Post Executive Officer, Tientsin, China

7/1/28-4/16/29 Chief of Staff, United States American Forces in China. (Detached Service for one month effective 3/10/29; trip to Korea and Japan 3/10/29-4/1/29)

4/17/29-5/31/29 Enroute to USA (USAT Grant, 4/17/29-5/7/29, to San Francisco and then New York via Panama, 5/14/29-5/31/29).

6/1/29-7/9/29 Leave and travel to Fort Benning, GA.

7/10/29-5/-/30 Instructor in Tactics, Fort Benning, GA.

5/-/30-5/30/33 Chief of First Section (Tactics) and Instructor, Fort Benning, GA.

6/6/33-5/19/35 Reserve Duty at San Diego, CA.

4/20/35-6/4/35 Leave and travel to San Francisco, CA

6/5/35-7/6/35 Enroute to China (USAT Grant, 6/5/35-7/6/35)

7/7/35-5/13/39 Military AttachÃ∞© to China and Siam, Peking, China. (26 field trips within China and Siam)

5/13/39-8/14/39 Leave (Indo-China, Siam, Malay, Java, and Philippines) and enroute to USA (USAT Grant, 7/24/39-8/14/39)

8/16/39-9/23/39 Leave and travel to Fort Sam Houston, TX

9/24/39-10/8/39 Commander, 3rd Brigade, Fort Sam Houston, TX

10/8/39-6/28/40 The Infantry Commander, 2nd Division, Fort Sam Houston, TX.

7/1/40-7/25/41 Commanding General, 7th Division, Fort Ord, CA.

7/25/41-12/23/41 Commanding General, III Corps, Presidio of Monterey, CA.

12/24/41-1/23/42 Washington, DC (Planning North African invasion)

1/23/42-3/4/42 Planning, assembling staff, and enroute to China

3/4/42-10/26/44 Chief of Staff to the Supreme Commander of the China Theater; Commanding General of US Army Forces in the China Theater of Operation, Burma, and India (o/a June 22, 1942 evolved to Commanding General, China-Burma-India Theater); and subsequently Deputy Commander, Southeast Asia Command.

10/26/44-1/22/45 Enroute to the USA, leave, and waiting new assignment per verbal instructions from General Marshall, Army Chief of Staff.

1/24/45-6/21/45 Commanding General, Army Ground Forces.

6/23/45-10/15/45 Commanding General, Tenth Army, Okinawa.2/22/28-6/30/28 Post Executive Officer, Tientsin, China

11/1/45-1/19/46 Washington, DC, War Equipment Board.

1/22//46-2/28/46 Commanding General, Western Defense Command, Presidio of San Francisco, CA.

3/1/46-10/12/46 Commanding General, Sixth Army, Presidio of San Francisco, CA. (Observer, Bikini Atomic Bomb tests 6/25/46-7/31/46)

10/12/46 Died at Presidio of San Francisco; age 63

Sources: Diaries, orders, papers, and notes in the Joseph W. Stilwell Collection, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford, CA, and personal letter in the possession of John Easterbrook. Compiled by John Easterbrook, April 2002.

NOTE: Some time intervals shown between assignments are assumed to be a small number of leave days and/or travel time, and in some cases clearing customs following international travel. Major blocks of leave time are noted. Single day differences were occasionally noted between Stilwell diaries, Stilwell summary notes, and orders. In these cases preference was given to daily diary entries when available.

6/15/04 Graduated from USMA, West Point, NY

6/16/04-9/14/04 Graduation leave and travel to West Coast

9/15/05-11/7/04 Enroute to Camp Jossman, Philippine Islands (USAT Sheridan 10/1/04-10/29/04)

11/7/04-4/8/06 Camp Jossman, Guimaras, Philippine Islands (In the field, Samar, Philippine Islands, 2-3/05), 12th Infantry.

4/9/06-8/21/06 Travel to the US (4/9/06-5/15/06), leave, and travel to West Point

8/22/06-12/18/10 Department of Modern Languages, USMA (Intelligence gathering trip through Guatemala, 6/20/07-8/9/07; Trip through Mexico 6/28/08-8/1/08; Trip to Honduras, Salvador, and Guatemala, 6/25/09-8/4/09)

12/19/10-1/31/11 Travel to West Coast and enroute to Philippine Islands (USAT Sherman, 1/5/11-1/31/11).

2/1/11-2/11/12 Fort William McKinley, Philippine Islands (Company D, 12th Infantry 6/4/11; Leave in Japan and China 9/15/11-12/14/11) Returned to USA with Company D, 12th Infantry.

2/11/12-4/29/13 Presidio of Monterey, CA, Company D, 12th Infantry

4/30/13-5/31/13 Leave

6/1/13-6/27/13 Fort Niagara, NY for tryout for Army Infantry Rifle Team

6/28/13-8/17/13 Leave and travel

8/18/13-6/2/14 Department of English and History, USMA

6/3/14-6/14/14 Travel to Madrid, Spain (Ship Lorraine 6/3/14-6/10/14)

6//15/14-8/6/14 Madrid, Spain for Spanish language course

8/8/14-8/27/14 Travel to USA (RMS Ivernia from Gibralter to Boston 8/8/14-8/20/14) and leave

8/28/14-4/21/15 Department of Modern Languages, USMA

4/22/15-4/26/15 Travel to Madison Barracks, NY

4/27/15-9/27/15 Madison Barracks, NY for “duty with troops” (Companies H, L, and K, 3rd Infantry)

9/28/15-9/30/15 Leave

10/1/15-6/25/16 Department of Modern Languages, USMA

6/12/16-8/12/16 Camp of Instruction, Regular Troops, Plattsburg, NY (Company M, 1st Battalion, Station Training Regiment/8th Training Regiment)

8/12/16-8/24/17 Department of Modern Languages, USMA (with additional duty in Department of Tactics starting in June 1917)

8/25/17-12/18/17 Camp Lee, VA, 80th Division (Brigade Adjutant, Camp Quartermaster, Commandant Quartermaster Training School, Commandant School of Arms and Assistant Chief of Staff G-2).

12/30/17-1/19/18 Enroute to France (USMS New York from NY 1/7/18, arrived Le Harve, France 1/19/18)

1/19/18-2/6/18 General Headquarters, A. E. F., Chaumont, France

2/6/18-2/10/18 Travel to British 30th Division and on to British 58th Division

2/10/18-2/15/18 With British 58th Division, La Fere Sector

2/16/18-2/28/18 Army Schools, Intelligence Course, Langres, France

2/28/18-3/17/18 General Headquarters, A. E. F., Chaumont, France

3/20/18-4/29/18 With French 17th Corps, Verdun Sector

4/30/18-6/5/18 General Headquarters, A. E. F., Chaumont, France

6/6/18-6/15/18 With US 2nd Corps, G-2 Section

6/19/18-1/20/19 Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, US 4th Corps (Toul Sector; in Battle of St. Mihiel; Temporary Duty 1st Corps, 8/8/18-8/10/18).

1/20/19-6/23/19 Assistant Chief of Staff, G-1, 4th Corps, Army of Occupation, Cochem, Germany

7/5/19-7/15/19 Enroute to the USA (Lorraine)

7/16/19-8/29/19 Leave (one month) and travel to California

8/29/19-5/17/20 Chinese Language Student, University of California, Berkeley, CA.

5/18/20-8/4/20 Leave

8/5/20-9/20/20 Enroute to China (USAT Madawaska to Manila, 8/5/20-8/31/20)

9/20/20-7/8/23 Chinese Language Student, Peking, China

7/8/23-7/31/23 Enroute to USA (USAT Thomas, 7/8/23-7/31/23)

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