Plebe Team Fall of 1952

1st Row: 74: Vern Van Vonderen, 68: Bob Cremer, 81: Don Dane (DNG), 88: Art Boudreau, 64: Mark Sisinyak, 65: Ted Vallas (DNG), 22: Jerry Wynn, 31: (unk) O’Keefe, 42: Frank (Zuke) Day, 23: Ted Dayharsh, 55: Paul Lasley, 30: Pat Uebel, 11: Russ Mericle.

2nd Row: 3 coaches, all unk, 58: Ron Rigoni (DNG), 72: Stan Meador, 78: Norris (Butch) Harbold, 99: Howard (Knobby) Glock, 95: (unk) Hepler (DNG), 70: Chuck Garvey, 90: Bob Grassberger, 10: Paul Winkle, 46: Mike Zeigler, 67: Hugh Munson, 52: Gene Geib (DNG), 12: Bill Cody, 93: Bob Bacon, hidden behind Bacon, Bob Caron, Head Coach Capt Robert St Onge, Ass’t Coach Lt Art Gerometa.

3rd Row: 79: Norman Schwarzkopf, 76: John McGinn, 85: Dick Malin (nee Malinowski), 59: Bob Farris, 89: Don Satterfield, 87: Don Holleder, 83: Don Ernest, 96: Paul Daugherty, 63: Ralph Chesnauskas, 43: Charlie Hamm, 21: Tommy Kirchgessner, 99: Ron Melnik (DNG), 60: Bill Johansen.

Team members not in photo: Joe Gleason, Nick Bruno, Pete Lash, Mike Pendino, Frank Burd, Fred Dent, and Phil Elliot.

DNG – Did Not Graduate

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