53 Team Plaque & Roster for Thayer

The Plaque & Roster are mounted. Room 405 will ensure that the Cadets of today and future Cadets will appreciate what the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets accomplished.

Each Guest will be provided an 8 1/2 x 11 paper copy of the Plaque & Roster


The Thayer Hotel


Guest Copy – Room 405



On The Reverse Side is the Roster. The Plaque & Roster are mounted outside the Room.

A link to a larger, easier to read version of the Roster is at #10 below

The Donor Listing will go in the Room – each Class Crest will be Black & White. The only color will be Honor Plaza

1. The following is a listing of some of the wall hanging in the room:- the Team photo signed by the Team Members; Sports page of 1st Touchdown against Navy, with several players clearly identifiable: photo of the ’57 Class Gift; photo of Col Blaik leaving the field after the Navy Game; photo of the presentation of the Lambert Trophy; photo of Cadet Corps swarming the field at the end of the Duke Game – Cadets clearly identifiable (received license from The Associated Press to place it in the room); Photo of the Cheerleaders & Tumblers and Mule Riders; Photo of Bob Mischack’s Tackle.

2. In the Room will be two leather covered books containing photos and a detailed history of the Fall of 1953. One is nearly completed and will be shipped shortly. Player photos from the Navy Game Program are included.

3. We would like a listing of B Squad Members

4. A copy of the Plebe Team (57) photo including the names will be included in one of the books.

5. Information relating to the Black Lion Award including a home town photo of Leroy Lunn with last year’s Hall High School Black Lion Award Winner – tying of the ’53 Army Team Captain; Don Holleder; and the Black Lion Award.

6. We have copy of the ’54 and ’57 Howitzers (need ’55 and ’56) for the Room; the ’54 Reunion Book and Terry Tibbetts’ – – “A Spartan Game: The Life and Loss of Don Holleder”. The book is currently being passed among Don’s Basketball & Football Teammates for comment. Once all who wish to comment are finished it will be placed in the room.

7. The Thayer Room Dedication Program is at –


8. Once the Room Dedication Program is complete, the Thayer will publish (for sale) a Coffee Table Book covering all the rooms, which will include a copy of the Plaque and the ’53 Roster. A listing of Donors for the 1953 Football Team Room will also be included.

9. The Thayer will also provide a Video to be run on the Thayer Channel.

10. A larger version of The Roster is at – –


11. The large version of the Donors Listing is at – –


12. Please note Room 405 overlooks the Hudson toward the South – –


The Donor Listing will go in the Room


MG Ames Albro*

Fred Attaya (1) by McWilliams

LTC Darrell Anderson*

John Bard (8) by ’62

CPT Herbert Booth*

James Carroll

Bob Chapman (4) by ’62

Jack Charles (3) by ’62

Kirk Cockrell (1) by ’62

Col Paul Driscoll*

Jay Edwards (2) by ’62

William Epling

Howard Gabbert

Paul Garneau

Jay Gould (5)

Hal Greer (9) by ’62

Frank Hicks (1) by ’62

Col Rufus Hutchenson*

R. A. Ironside

William Jesse*

Peter Jones (3) by ’62

Donald Kirklighter*

Ken Kramer (1) by ’62

Jack Krause (1) by ’62

LTC Donald Lewis*

Joe Lapchick (1) by ’62

Jay LeCroy (4) by ’62

Jerry Lodge (1) by ’62

Jack Logan

Leroy Lunn (1,7) by ’62

Bill McVeigh* (2)

Marion Meador (9) by ’62

Bob Mischak (1)by McWilliams

LTC John Morris*

Ed Moses (2) by ’62

LTC George O’Brien*

G. Parshall

George Perrin (4) by ’62

Cary Peyton

1LT William Purdue* (1)

M.D. Remus

Col Teodorico Sanchez*

Paul Schweikert (1) by ’62

Rox Shain (1) – my friend by W. C. “Tiny” Tomsen

John Shelter*

Lowell Sisson (1) by McWilliams

Ben Schemmer* (2 6)

Fred Schweiger

LTG Lawrence Skibbie*

Norm Stephen (1) by ’62

Col Scott Wetzel*

CPT Don York*

T. C. Young (11) by George
Schein Class of ’62 Chairman of
the Honor Committee

Dick Ziegler (1) by ’62
*Classmates, Friends & A2 Company Mates
In Memory of Days Gone By – –

Dr. Jay Gould III (5)


Tommy Bell (1) by McWilliams

Bill Chance (1) by ’62

John Clayton* (2)

William Doremus (1) by ’62

Joe Franklin (1)

Jerry Hagan (1) by ’62

Larry Herdman (1) by ’62

Frank Hicks (1) by ’62

Fred Kneiriem (1) by ’62

Dan Ludwig (3) by ’62

MG Carl McNair

James R. C. Miller (1) by ’62

William & Veronica McWilliams (12)

Ski Ordway (1) by J. Franklin and W. McWilliams

Bill Robinson (2) by ’62

Benjamin Roberts

MAJ Alex Rupp* (6)

Paul Sullivan (1) by ’62

John Wing (1) by ’62

Al Worden (2) by ’62

Ed Zaborowski (1)




Nick Bruno (1) by ’62

Frank Burd (1) by ’62

Ralph Chesnauskas (1)

Bill Cody (1) by ’62

Donald Ernst (1) by ’62

Bob Farris (1)

Charles Glenn (3) by ’62

Howard Glock (1) by ’62

Don Holleder (1) by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Pete Lash (1)

Paul Lasley (1) by ’62

Ron Melnick (1) by ’62

Col. Russell Mericle (1)

Don Shannon (1) by ’62

Donald Satterfield (1) by ’62

Pat Uebel (1) by ’62

Peter Vann (1) by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Jerry Wynn (1) by B. Farris and R. Chesnauskas

Mike Zeigler (1) by ’62


1. Football Team

2. Cheerleader

3. Tumbler

4. Mule Rider

5. Victory Cannon

6. Navy Goat Procurer

7. Football Team Captain

8. Cadet Brigade Commander

9. Football Manager

10. Plebe Team Players

11. Chairman of the Honor Committee

12. Bill McWilliams ’55 – Author of “A Return To Glory” – A driving influence for this Room’s Dedication


Bob Christiansen

Jospeh Cygler (10)

Donald & Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Howard Haupt (10)

Tom Kehoe (10)

Nick Monaco

James H. Morgan

Jerry Patterson

Leonard P. Wishart III

Richard Stephenson (10) by ’62

F.R. Stevens

John H. Stokes III


We became the Class of 1962 on 1 July 1958. From our original 815, we Graduated 601 on the 6th of June 1962. The Upper Classes insured we understood and appreciated what had gone before. The 1953 Football Season was one that touched both our need to appreciate the success of Army Football and our training in our Honor Code.

As a kid, one Classmate would climb a tall old oak tree on the North end of Michie to watch his Army Heroes play each Saturday. To this day he can still rattle off many of the names of the ’53 Team. Another Classmate’s Father took him to the Duke Game. To many, that may be Army’s Greatest Game.

In the years since our Graduation, the Cadet Corps has lost touch with not just the success of the 1953 Football Team but what the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets actually accomplished.

We, members of the Class of 1962 cannot accept that, and for that reason we have pushed for Room 405 so that today’s Corps of Cadets and all future Cadet Corps know and understand what the 1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets and their Team did.

Col. Blaik said to the Team after the Navy Game ” —- you have done more for Football at West Point than any other team in the history of the Academy”

Many members of the Class of 1962, and Wives of our Classmates, thank the 1953 -1954 Corps of Cadets for what they did for our Alma Mater.

Col Blaik, Coaches Dobbs, Laslie, Amen, St Onge, Bevans, Deitzel – by ’62

Col Russell P. “Red” Reeder Class of 1926 by ’62

Morris Herbert – Class of 1950
“Number of us (classmates) listened to the ’53 Navy Game on the
radio — it was at Fort Bliss. We were all 1st Lts or Captains. When Pat Uebel
scored his 3rd touchdown of the day, one of my classmates leaped up in glee,
and accidentally sat down in the bowl of potato salad!”

Jesse Faber Class of 2012 – As a Yearling Jesse attempted to have his Class support the Nomination of the ’53 Team for the Army Sports Hall of Fame. The Academy Staff determined Cadets should not have any role in the Nomination process. Thanks Jesse

Coach & Mrs. Hugh Wyatt
Created the Black Lion Award Honoring Don Holleder and the Other Black Lions Lost 10/17/1967

Terry & Mary Tibbetts – – Author
A Spartan Game: The Life and Loss of Don Holleder



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