Selected Items for framing

1. Col Blaik leaving the field

2. Bob Mischak’s Tackle

3. Team photo with player signatures

4. Page 5 Sports Section of the Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin Nov 29, 1953 – 1st Touchdown – Bell, Lodge, Uebel, Vann, Chesnauskas, and Sisson – identifiable. 5 photos showing all blocks executed correctly. It will be 14 x 21 – nearly the entire page is devoted to the Game. A photo of Bob Mischak pushing Navy’s Perkins out at the 9 (after a 51 yard run down) – a play which occurred later in the 1st quarter will be inserted into a blank space of the page.

5. New York Daily News – Sunday October 28, 1953 – Duke Game with photo of Jerry Barger in the arms of Mike Zeigler and Ralph Chesnauskas while Don Holleder closes for a punishing hit. 2nd photo of article is of Mike Zeigler breaking up a pass to Joe Hands.

6. The Corps swarming the field, lifting team members up after the Duke Game. After much discussion with the Associated Press, (they could not find the photo) a License was purchased allowing the Thayer to display the photo. It was a must for Room 405.

7. Cheerleader, Tumbler, and Mule Rider, Billy, and Cadet & Middie before game with Stadium Crowd in background photos will be on the wall above the head of the bed.

8. The Roster will be printed and added once all is ready in the Room.

9. The leather books containing photos and articles of that season and what each of the 4 Classes did as Cadets and did for the Academy after Graduation are well on the way to completion. ’54 and ’57 have provided their hard cover Reunion Books and the 1954 & 1957 Howitzers. We will be seeking similar items from the other 2 Classes. In addition we need Class write ups for the Thayer home page, and a listing with details of the gifts to the Academy by each Class. These will go into the Leather Books covering the 4 Classes.

The 1953 cheerleaders, standing, for the Army team, with tumblers in
the first row.
Cheerleaders, left to right: Ed Moses, ’54; John Clayton ’55, Al
Worden ’55, Billy McVeigh ’54, Jay Edwards ’54, Bill Robinson ’55;
Tumblers: Peter Jones ’54, Dan Ludwig ’55, Jack Charles ’54, Charles
Glenn ’56.

Photo of Tumblers (one in the air flipping)when secured

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