West Point Graduates Killed in Action

Much of the material for the site is taken from the on line Cullum Register created and maintained by Bill Thayer.

Is there an appropriate way to Honor the Fallen? The New Zealand Military has a unique way. It may be offensive to some yet the link is added. Sometimes it is hard to express what the loss of a Friend, a Classmate, a Soldier you are Responsible For really means –

Haka Farewell

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI6TRTBZUMM&feature=player_embedded http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/America/United_States/Army/USMA/Cullums_Register/home.html

However Bill’s listings only cover the years 1802 to 1861. The Cullum Register maintained by the Special Collections & Archives Section at the West Point Library lists Graduates from 1802 to 1950.




The reason this effort is being made is due to a recent visit to the Naval Academy to attend the Army – Navy Wrestling Match in Alumni Hall. As I sat down I observed a brass plaque on the arm rest. It named a Naval Academy Graduate with the following – Cruiser USS Houston 1942. It was sobering as I knew exactly what it meant – that graduate had gone down with The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast – sunk by the Japanese in 1942.


Please Note – this Web Site does not advertise, however many of the links which are listed do advertise. The historical material they provided is essential, requiring us to list the sites.

West Point Graduates who died in captivity are included in this listing. As an example of why Captives are listed – After his capture, Bill Kellum organized resistance to Chinese indoctrination at Camp Five. His punishment was confinement to the camp hospital, where he was systematically killed. Big Bill Kellum died in June 1951.

The Oryoku Maru, Shinyo Maru, and perhaps the 8 Americans on the Juny Maru involved killing of prisoners by Japanese guards and Japanese machine gun crews on shore as the Prisoners swam away from the ship.


Cadets are surrounded by and live in the shadow of some of West Points greatest Graduates. The Class of 1939 provided 2 volumes listing recipients of the Medal of Honor while Plaques of each are on the walls throughout the Academy. In the War of 1812 of the total 120 Graduates 9 were Killed in Action, with another dying as a prisoner; several went down in the Eastern Indian Wars; 105 in the Civil War; some 500 died in World War II, 157 in Korean, 273 Vietnam and, over 81 have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the global war on terror.


The information provided for each Graduate should start with the circumstances surrounding his or her action including awards, Cadet days and last in order personnel information including family.

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – War of 1812

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Southern Indian Wars

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Mexican War

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Civil War

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Plains Indian Wars

“West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Spanish American War”

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – World War I

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – World War II

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Korea

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – Vietnam

West Point Graduates Killed in Action – War on Terror

Web Site – Association of Graduates list of Graduates Killed in Action – page 54


There are 5 more listed at the end of the record




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