Stewart Whiting Hoover

No. 5712. Class of April 1917. Captain Hoover was killed at the head of his company during a desperate encounter with German storm trocps. March 1, 1918, in France, aged 22. The 1st West Pointer to be Killed in WWI, 18th Inf 1st Division

Stewart Whiting Hoover was the first born of Clayton A. Hoover, of Washington, D. C., and Bessie Rae Brown Hoover, Salt Lake City, Utah, being born on July 4, 1895, at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho, living there and attending the public schools until July, 1905, when he removed to Blackfoot, Idaho, his father being appointed Medical Superintendent of the Idaho State Insane Asylum at that place. He finished the public schools of Blackfoot, Idaho, by graduating from the High School in May, 1911, valedictorian of his class.
In 1912 he was designated by Burton L. French, Congressman from Idaho, as Principal for appointment as Cadet to United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He passed a successful entrance examination at Vancouver Barracks, Washington, and entered the Academy June 14, 1913, finally graduating April 20, 1917.

As a boy, he was of an amiable disposition, yet firm and positive in his rights, with a high sense of humor and duty, was a great lover of nature, and enjoyed being in-the quiet haunts of the hills and dells, where he was content and happy with his books, gun, dog, or pony.

One of his great characteristics was that of positiveness, either to know or not to know, with no false pretense. If he was not certain about a thing he felt it his duty to find out the real facts and conditions before expressing an opinion. During his four years at the Academy he kept himself in the background except on such occasions as rescuing a child from drowning in Lusk Reservoir, or upholding the honor of his class in the annual athletic contests, consequently he was not well known outside of his own class.

Graduated April 20, 1917, he shortly after went “Over There” as a Lieutenant of Infantry. The next account we have of him is of his glorious and heroic death at the front on the Western Front in France. Gun in hand at the head of his men he found a soldier’s resting place beneath a soldier’s blow in a way worthy of his Alma Mater.

The following is an extract from a letter from his regimental commanding officer:
* * * * * I have the honor to inform you that Captain Stewart W. Hoover of Company “I”, Eighteenth Infantry, was killed in battle on March 1st. There is no officer in this regiment who has had a better record for gallantry than Captain Hoover and he was killed at the head of his company during a desperate encounter with German storm trocps.

This combat was so efficiently conducted by Captain Hoover’s company that the French Prime Minister came in person to congratulate the battalion to which Captain Hoover’s company belonged.

This regiment deplores the loss of a young officer who possessed all the qualities that make a successful leader of soldiers. His official record was one of highest efficiency and his personal record that of a character without fear and without reproach. He has had the honor to die for his country while successfully commanding his company in the first serious fight that this regiment has had with the Germans and his regiment has been one of the first two regiments of the first brigade of the A. E. F. to enter the lines against the enemy. * * * * * *

The first West Point graduate to fall in the Great War, cut down at the very beginning of a promising career he made a noble sacrifice for his country.
His remains rest in the French Military Cemetery at Mandres, France.
His classmates are proud to have been associated with him and when our call comes may we all meet it as gallantly as did he.

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