1913 Team

1913 Army 8-1 1913/11/29 Army 22 – Navy 9 W Coach Charles Dudley “Charlie” Daly (October 31, 1880 – February 12, 1959) Army 1913-1916 Army 1919-1922 Overall 58-13-3 Appeared in the film Daly, of West Point. 1902. source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dudley_Daly Howitzer 1914 http://digital-library.usma.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/howitzers/id/14708/rec/20ArmyFB_1913_team_ArmyFB_1913_teamArmyFB_1913_record-CullumHallSquad-B-teamArmyFB_1913_offenseArmyFB_1913_FightSongs_Howitzer1914ArmyFB_1913_vsNavy-teamArmyFB_1913_vsNavy_march-onArmyFB_1913_vsNavy-writeupArmyFB_1913_vsNavy_graphArmyFB_1913_vsNavy_Victorious-returnArmyFB_1913_vsNavy_cartoon


– Cadets Final Practice – Army Eleven Ready for Big Game in Gotham Saturday – The News and Courier – Nov 27, 1913 ArmyFB_1913_vsNavy-pre_NewsandCourier_Nov271913 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=MAFgAAAAIBAJ&sjid=AwsNAAAAIBAJ&dq=football%20philadelphia&pg=4578%2C2443191


OPEN FOOTBALL IS PROVED THE BEST; West Point Victory Is Another Verdict for Open Game as Played This Season – New York Times – Dec 1, 1913 A decisive triumph for the open style of play, as compared with the more conservative and less spectacular line bucking species, stands out as the main feature of the 1913 football season, which came to a close Saturday at the Polo Grounds, when the Army and Navy elevens clashed in their annual battle. There is little doubt that football in the future will far excel that of the past … The main reason for the transfer from Philadelphia to New York was that… – ArmyFB_1913_vsNavy_NYT_Dec11913


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