1916 Team

Year Team Coach W L T PF PA Delta Avg.Delta

1916 Army Daly 9 0 0 235 36 199 22.1

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_undefeated_NCAA_Division_I_football_teams

no 1917 Howitzer found online




Army Team 1916: Watkins, Schlenker, Weems, Baird, Gerhardt, Meacham, Yeager, Shrader, Niles, Witters, Place, Holmes, Harmon, Green, Oliphant, McEwan, Butler, Vidal, Parks, O. F. Knight, Lewis, Hahn, Williamson, Mitchell, Kilburn, Cole, Fleming, House, Tully, Wicks, Tate, Schwarzkopf, Chapman, Frier, Jones, Mullins, Stokes, C. P. Bathurst, Pulsifer, J. Knight, Hirsch, Maloney, Benchler, Murrill, R. Bathurst, Halsey, Monroe, McNeill, Johnson







ARMY CONQUERS NAVY, 15-7, AMID CHEERS OF 45,000; Oliphant the Chief Figure in West Point’s Victory at the Polo Grounds. MAKES A RUN OF 83 YARDS Goodstein Scores for Losers by Turning Blocked Kick Into a Touchdown. NOTABLES IN GAY THRONG President Wilson Absent, but Crowd Includes Men Prominent in All Walks of Life.
– New York Times – Nov 26, 1916
More than 45,000 cheering spectators saw the Army football team defeat the Navy by a score of 15 to 7 at the Polo Grounds yesterday. Famous for its gala crowds, the annual contest never attracted a more brilliant assemblage, while spectacular playing, especially by Oliphant and Vidal, the Army stars, transformed the banks of the huge eclipse of the Brush stadium into a mass of shouting, flag-waving humanity.


Army Deserving Of High Average – The Day – Nov 30, 1916




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