1922 Team

The Team went 8-0-2 beating Navy 17 – 14

Coach Charles Daly Class of 1905

Captain – Waldemar Breidster

Coach Charles Dudley “Charlie” Daly (October 31, 1880 – February 12, 1959)
Army 1913-1916
Army 1919-1922

Overall 58-13-3

Appeared in the film Daly, of West Point. 1902.

source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dudley_Daly

Howitzer 1923










West Point’s Eleven Reaches Philadelphia. – Schenectady Gazette – Nov 21, 1922

Coolidge, Weeks and Denby to Be on Hand for Army-Navy Clash…- Boston Daily Globe – Nov 22, 1922

CHEERING THRONGS GREET ARMY TEAM; West Point Delegation Gets a Great Welcome Upon Arrival in Philadelphia. – New York Times – – Nov 24, 1922
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 23.–From the time the West Point football squad, thirty-six strong, arrived at the Reading Terminal at 1:25 o’clock this afternoon until it arrived at Green Hill Farms. Overbrook, the players were greeted lavishly.


ARMY PLAYERS OUT ON FRANKLIN FIELD -Boston Daily Globe – Nov 24, 1922
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 23–Behind bolted and guarded gates, the Army football team went through a snappy practice on Franklin Field this afternoon in preparation for the annual struggle with the Navy Saturday.

Walter Camp Looks for Much Passing When Army and Navy Elevens Clash – Middies Will Rely on Long Heaves, While Army Will Shoot Over Many Shorter Ones -Atlanta Constitution – Nov 24, 1922
The Army and Navy game at Philadelphia will hold the center of interest in the football world Saturday. This will be due to the fact that the Army has not been defeated and that this is the Year…

ARMY-NAVY TEAMS READY FOR CLASH; Arrive in Philadelphia and Put on Finishing Touches for Today’s Football Struggle.55,000 EXPECTED AT GAME Hotels in Quaker City, Are Full,Streets, Are Crowded and Service Uniforms Everywhere. – New York Times – Nov 25, 1922
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 24.–This city was invaded without a struggle today, the civil population giving way gracefully to the advance guard of the Army and the Navy. …The usual phrase that Philadelphia Is football mad on the eve of tomorrow’s, the twenty-fifth , Army and Navy game would not be true. …



WEST POINT MOVING TO FRANKLIN FIELD; Military Post Will Be Deserted Today While Everybody Goes to Football Game…- New York Times – Nov 25, 1922

Service Squads Ready – Lewiston Daily Sun – Nov 25, 1922

Army-Navy Game Will Sure Be Full Of Fireworks – Rochester Evening Journal – Nov 25, 1922

Franklin Field – Philadelphia, Pa.


ARMY TRIUMPHS BY MIGHTY EFFORT, 17-14 – First Score Against Navy Since 1916–Colorful Scenes For 55,000–Smythe Stars- Boston Daily Globe – Nov 26, 1922
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 25–Playing true to form, the Army football eleven defeated the Navy on Franklin Field today, 17 to 14, in one of the hardest and cleanest gridiron struggles seen on the Pennsylvania field in a long time..

Army Team Stages Rally In Final Period…-Atlanta Constitution – Nov 26, 1922
Playing true to the season’s form the Army football elevens defeated their old rivals, the Navy, on Franklin field today by the score of 17 to 14, in a hard, clean gridiron struggle.

DALY OVERJOYED AT ARMY’S SHOWING; West Point Coach Proud of His Team–Refuses Credit for Victory Over Navy – New York Times – Nov 26, 1922
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 25–There was a riotous scene within the dressing quarters of the Army players shortly after their victory over the Navy eleven at Franklin Field this afternoon.






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