1912 Football Team

1912 5-3
1912/11/30 Army 0 – Navy 6 L

Coach: Ernest Graves







For more on the Carlisle Game – and the great Jim Thorpe – go to:






Howitzer 1913

DEAD FROM INJURIES IN YALE-ARMY GAME; York, Blues’ Right Guard, Succumbs to Pneumonia Following the Breaking of Two Ribs.
Special to The New York Times. October 31, 1912
NEW HAVEN, Oct. 30. — The death of Theodore Woodbine York, the Yale football guard, occurred at the college infirmary about 10 o’clock to-night. York was the best guard of the football squad in the university. His death was caused by double pneumonia, contracted after the West Point game, according to a statement signed by the attending physicians, Drs. Blumer, Verdi, and Arnold.

THORPE’S INDIANS CRUSH WEST POINT; Brilliancy of Carlisle Redskins’ Play Amazes Cadets and Spectators.
Special to The New York Times. November 10, 1912
WEST POINT, Nov. 9. — Jim Thorpe and his redoubtable band of Carlisle Indian gridiron stars invaded the plains this afternoon to match their prowess against the moleskin gladiators of Uncle Sam’s Military Academy, and when the two teams crossed the parade ground in the semi-darkness of late afternoon the Cadets had been shown up as no other West Point team has been in many years.

HARD GAME FOR CADETS.; West Point Defeats Tufts After Being Outplayed in Early Stage.
WEST POINT, N.Y., Nov. 16. — The Army had a harder time winning from Tufts to-day than the score indicates. The Cadets were returned the winners by a 15 to 6 score, but in the first two periods were outplayed by the Tufts team. Devore had his hands full with O’Donnell, who got through several times and spoiled Army plays behind the soldiers’ line.

KEYES STAR FOR ARMY.; West Point Full Back Scores 17 of His Team’s Points Against Syracuse.
WEST POINT, N.Y., Nov. 23. — The Army defeated Syracuse here to-day in easy fashion, winning by a score of 23 to 7. The soldiers played the best football theiy have yet shown, and hut for Lanphier’s muff of Castle’s long punt in the last minute of play Syracuse would not have scored. The ball rolled over the Army goal line and Farber fell on it, Castle kicked the goal.


NAVY DOWNS ARMY FOR THIRD TIME; Brown Kicks Two Goals for Annapolis Near the Close of the Game.
Special to The New York Times. December 01, 1912
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 30. — Long after John Brown, the towering giant guard of the Navy team, has passed from Annapolis to sail the high seas for Uncle Sam, the memory of his two great kicks which beat West Point’s football team on Franklin Field on this fair November day, will live on and on. Player – Game pictures

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