Bob Mischak goes down – never thanked by our Alma Mater

Army Meets 7th Ranked Duke in the Polo Grounds – NYC




Col Blaik – (As Bob drew closer and closer) said over & over again “Wait”  —-  “Wait” —– “Wait”.

The entire Video is above.

In the locker room they started to give the Game Ball to Col Blaik – he said it goes over there pointing to Bob



Are the NY Giants going to say NOTHING?

As an assistant coach, Lombardi brought him to the Giants to commence what was to become the Green Bay Power Sweep.  Bob was a member of that Giant Team in what became know as “The Greatest Game ever played”.



Note :  Carl H. McNair, Jr.     Major General, US Army (RET)  Class of ’55   added this note.

Nor was Tommy Bell ever selected for the Army Sports Hall of Fame in spite of all our efforts on his behalf – Tommy played for four years and was one of our ’55 standouts during that tough period of recovery from the ’51 scandal.







Note from Bill McWilliams responding to the Notification from Bob’s Son

Dear Bob;

Thank you kindly for including us – Ronnie, my wife, and I – with your e-mail notification of your father’s passing.

We were deeply saddened to learn of his death, yet we will always have the most wonderful and joyful memories of having watched him, as a cadet, play for Army during the tumultuous 1951-53 seasons at West Point under the tutelage of Coaches Earl “Red” Blaik and Vince Lombardi.

Having grown up in a “football family,” where I was coached in high school three years by my father and at the same time, and like so many young boys of that era, growing up while admiring the great Army teams of the 1940s. Unfortunately, I entered West Point in 1951, just as it all came crashing down as a result of the cheating incident that rocked the Academy and the nation the summer of 1951 – when I was so looking forward to seeing an extension of Army’s gridiron prowess through my four years at the Academy.

What I witnessed instead was to be something else, an Army team and an entire institution weather a terrible storm that seemed to strike at the heart of what the Academy was all about. Led by the Black Knights of the season of 1953, of which your father was a singular, outstanding leader, particularly in a single season and decade turnaround game against 7th ranked Duke University in Giant Stadium – the old Polo Grounds – in New York City, on 17 October of that year, they and an aroused Corps of Cadets gave rebirth to the word inspiration. It was his play – which we witnessed and the entire Corps of Cadets never forgot – and we are sure you know all about – that became, 40 years later, the inspiration for the book, A Return to Glory: The Untold Story of Honor, Dishonor and Triumph at the United States Military Academy, 1950-1953. Never, at that time, in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would begin writing books, never mind tell that story.

But there it is, your father and his teammates drove an unforgettable, glowing memory into the heart of “The Long Gray Line,” and I had the distinct privilege of interviewing your father and the great majority of his teammates by phone and mail. He was an absolute gentleman, in every respect, and we will always cherish the words he sent to us after reading A Return to Glory.

“…In your ‘Acknowledgements’, your…observations and remarks concisely express…how many of us felt as we read and discovered the depth, width and the intricacies of a unique period in West Point’s history…Thank you for your interest, effort, and dedication to turning over those cards that were hiding important facts so necessary to more fully understand that period of time…You deserve an inordinate amount of compliments for your effort…”

Bob Mischak
Orinda, CA
September 23, 2000

The words of a true heart and a great leader, on and off the field.

You and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

With all good wishes,
Bill and Ronnie McWilliams
NHF Books, Inc.
2229 Fiero Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134-6042
Phone: 702-363-6968
Cell: 702-406-6973



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Bob Mischak, Jr.

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  1. Bob Mischak, Jr.
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    Bob Mischak to enter 2017 class of Army Sports Hall of Fame. Here is tweet from NY Jets.

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