1953 – 1954 Corps of Cadets and Their Team

The Polo Grounds October 17, 1953
Much of the Material is taken from Bill McWilliams book “A Return to Glory”


Colonel Blaik, (misty eyed) leaving the field after the 1953 Team beat Navy. To the right with helmet is Rox Swain, who was yanked off the Cadet Train, suited up and kicked off to Navy.
“In the locker room after the Game he was to say –
Bob Mischak’s 73 yard run down of the Blue Devils’ All American Red Smith The Game Saving -Season Saving Tackle. Col Blaik was later to write “In somehow catching and collaring (Smith), Mischak displayed heart and a pursuit that for one single play I have never seen matched.”

Still photos are at

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Bob’s playing and coaching career after graduation and service commitment was perhaps the most distingushed of any West Point Graduate. See https://forwhattheygave.com/2007/09/18/bob-mischak/



*Please note – Jerry Lodge – who wore #32 is missing from Photo as is Norm Stephen. 2d man 2d row next to Tommy Bell – Name is Zaborowski. Wynn #31 is actually in the 2d row not the 3d


Acheer copy
The 1953 cheerleaders, standing, for the Army team, with tumblers in the first row. Cheerleaders, left to right: Ed Moses, ’54; John Clayton ’55, Al Worden ’55, Billy McVeigh ’54, Jay Edwards ’54, Bill Robinson ’55; Tumblers: Peter Jones ’54, Dan Ludwig ’55, Jack Charles ’54, Charles Glenn ’56.

Taking an old war trophy, a German Rocket gun captured at Kasserine Pass in WW II, the staff in the Ordinance Laboratory volunteered to make an adapter shell that would shoot a blank 10 gauge.

Jerry Lodge – A Brahma Bull going for more yards against North Carolina

Rox Swain was pulled off the Cadet Train when it pulled into Philadelphia and his Kickoff resulted in a fumble which Lowell Sisson recovered. The Football can be seen against Lowell’s knee. Norm Stephen wa she first one down the field, making the tackle.

It is unclear who is coming down the line, but it appears Navy’s number 82 is in for a brutal hit.

17 Oct 1953, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA --- Army football team player, Chesnauskas (63), quick kicks the ball in first quarter of Army v. Duke University game at Manhattan's Polo Grounds. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS Attaya Kick

Uebel-BellUebel 34 leads Bell against Duke

Attaya, Uebel, Hagan, Farris
Attaya with the ball, Hagan 16 just handed off, Uebel 34 and Farris 55 blocking

Billy in Washington Hall copy
Ben Schemmer ’54, Alex Rupp ’55, and a Corporal from the West Point Band, Driver of the convertible.

swarming the field
Conclusion of the Duke Game – Deliriously happy Army players and cadets celebrate their stunning 14-13 upset of Duke University Blue Devils at the Polo Grounds in New York City 17 October 1953. Identified players are Lowell Sisson (83), right end; Bob Mischak (87), left end; Bill Cody (11), quarterback; Ed Zaborowski (58), center; Joe Franklin (facing Ed Zaborowski; Frank Burd (33),fullback; Peter Vann (10), quarterback.

blaik-lund copy

coaches copy

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