Political Correctness

On Tuesday’s 31 May’s editorial page, Leonard Pitts writes of “Confronting The History That Made Us”. He addresses the change which occurred on 23rd of January 1977 – the broadcast of the first installment of “Roots”. America awoke to it’s history, a history that had to be hidden. “Twelve Years a Slave” added to that history.
The Taliban and ISIL are compelled to destroy historical structures in the name of their religion.
Buddhas of Bamiyan
A search of ISIL finds similiar removal.
We in America are attempting to destroy the reputations of Civil War leaders. We are removing names from schools and statues from our parks. To be blunt, if President Lincoln had allowed the South to leave the Union, there would have been no Civil War.
Is is difficult for me to understand how any one would not want future generations to know our history. If Political Correctness does not allow Robert E.Lee to be treated honestly, then Political Correctness dictates that we as a Class, must review our recognition of Washington and Jefferson.
They were Slave Holders like many of our Founding Fathers. Political Correctness dictates both must be held accountable.
Our Founding Father’s names must be removed from our schools, their statues removed from our parks. How can any one recognize the men who wrote our Constitution when a Black Man was regarded as 3/5th of a white man?
Jefferson went so far as to publish the real distinctions (Blacks / Whites) which nature has made. He was to write –
Political Correctness requires Jefferson’s face to be removed from Mount Rushmore, or at least covered with canvas. As a Class if we are to be Politically Correct we must request that West Point remove Jefferson from the name of our Library. The replica of his desk and chair must go.
If President Wilson’s name must be removed from a College Campus, as he was a segregationist, then for us to be Politically Correct we must rename our Mess Hall and place Washington’s Statue in storage to await better times.
Could Dennis Prager’s comment be the reason for today’s thinking?
Schools even stopped teaching American history. When American history is taught today, it is taught as a history of oppression, imperialism and racism. Likewise, there is essentially no education on civics, once a staple of the public school system. Young Americans are not taught the Constitution or how American government works. I doubt many college students even know what “separation of powers” means, let alone why it is so significant.
Robert E Lee was an Honorable Man. In today’s society Honorable Men are not in fashion.

220px-Buddhas_of_Bamiyan_in_19_century Destruction_of_Buddhas_March_21_2001

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