Frank Horton

 Frank & Patricia Horton  200px-SAC_Shield.svg  United_States_Air_Force_Academy_shield CIA    44th m S wing  544  150px-351st_Missile_Wing  dia_symbol_trans100
Third in the Class, Frank wore Stars on his collar for 3 years.  He participated in 11 different social and athletic activities as a Cadet.  First assignment was 544 Aero Sp Recn Wg; then Harvard PhD in 69; USAF Academy 70; 7th AF RVN 70-71; USAFA again 71-73; ODCSP&O; 351st SMWg; 44MSWg: Cdr 44MSWg, HqSAC 84-85; DDr JSTPS: CIA86-87; DDir DIA 87-90; DCS Intel SAC; Ret ’93 MG General.  (Jerry Garwick spoke to USAF officers who served with MG Horton. They said he was the most focused person they ever knew. Just like Cadet Horton)  By Bill Kosco

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