Roy Cole

Roy Cole & Barbara Dorsey

During the summer of 1965 Roy was serving in IV Corps with MACV, and I was with the Marine’s ANGLICO at our Can Tho Headquarters. Bob Fuellhart was among our classmates in the area. Bob was with an ARVN Ranger battalion. Over evening beers Bob would often regale us with stories of his “Tiger” unit’s audacity and bravery in action. One the morning of 12 August, 1965 I was serving my round of duty in the MACV TOC. Bob’s unit was in action and we heard a radio transmission that there were wounded. It was not to long after that when we received word that Bob had been killed during that action. It was only then when an RTO quietly brought a telegram over to my desk. It was a congratulation message from Bob’s (now widow), that she had just given birth to their first child. Roy and I assisted in carrying Bob’s coffin onto an airplane.
Less than a week later I was deployed on a temporary mission and rooming with our classmate, Chuck Chandler. Another West Pointer, Ned Loscuito, Class of 1960, was also assigned to this small outpost. Ned had been a member of our Beast Barracks cadre during 1958. During a sweep of a neighboring area on 20 August, Ned was also killed. I was in a funk trying just how any of this made sense. Here we were, supposedly the best and brightest, trained in all aspects of war, and some kid with a WW II bolt action rifle should be so effective against us. Shortly after that I also found out that I could not out run a VC machine gun. I had a lot of growing to do.
The somewhat irony of life was Chuck was an Olmstead Scholar in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when his life was cut short by an assassin’s bullet. Jerry & Frances Garwick

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