Publications By Don Snider

American civil-military relations, the identities and development of the Army officer, and American military professions. He was research director, co-editor, and chapter author for three recent books on the Army as profession:

The Future of the Army Profession, 2d Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2005), now a textbook at the Army War College and

West Point

Forging the Warrior’s Character: Moral Precepts from the Cadet Prayer, 2d Edition (McGraw-Hill, 2008), also a text at

West Point; and forthcoming, American civil-military relations: The soldier and the state in a new era (Johns Hopkins University Press, spring, 2009). 

Dr. Snider’s other publications include:

Dissent and Strategic Leadership of The Military Professions (Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, 2008);

Intrepidity and Character Development Within the Army Profession” (Strategic Studies Institute, 2008);

Leadership by Example (Army Magazine, November 2005),

Jointness, Defense Transformation, and the Need for a New Joint Warfare Profession ,” (Parameters, Autumn 2003);

Officership: The Professional Practice ” (Military Review, Jan-Feb 2003);

The Civil-Military Gap and Professional Military Education” (Armed Forces and Society, Winter 2001, co-author);

America’s Post-Modern Military” (World Policy Journal, Spring 2000);

Army Professionalism, The Military Ethic and Officership in the 21st Century” (Strategic Studies Institute, 1999, co-author);

The Uninformed Debate on Military Culture,” (Orbis, Winter 1999);

Civil-Military Relations and the Ability to Influence,” (Armed Forces and Society, Spring 1999, co-author);

U.S. Civil-Military Relations: Transition or Crisis” (CSIS, 1995, co-editor); “The Gulf War and What We Learned”, (Westview Press, 1992, co-author). 

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